Casey Chang
Casey currently is an Amador Valley senior. In Amador Valley Journalism she is the Infographics Editor-in-Chief and her current focus is creating a team dependable that will make strong graphics. Although she has been in journalism for three years she still learns something new every day. From the hour-long meetings that are only supposed to last 15 minutes to the tangents, everyone goes on she never gets tired of the stress and uniqueness of this Journalism. 

In the past, her roles in journalism have been staff writer 2018-2019 and  Photo Editor 2019-2020. Through the past years, she has learned journalism is unlike any other class because it allows students to create their own work and have it published.

Throughout her high school career, she has participated in numerous activities, such as Colorguard, Key Club, and Wheelchair Foundation. She marched in the 2019 fall season portraying the beautiful Wonder Woman with her team, but sadly due to COVID, she isn’t able to perform anymore. In Key Club, Casey is the Fundraising and Event Coordinator for the 2019-2021 terms and the past Editor for the 2018-2019 term. Lastly, she holds a prominent position as a Wheelchair Foundation Ambassador, as she spread awareness about disabilities since her sophomore year. 

In the future, Casey hopes to pursue both digital art and business through the field of marketing. She wants to use infographics and digital art in sales and product advertisements. While applying to business schools her stress is through the roof, but in the end, she knows it will all be worth it.

Casey Chang, Infographics EIC

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