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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


Entering high school as part of the class of 2025, Yatin Bayya plans to graduate in the class of 2024.

Yatin Bayya (‘24) set to graduate high school one year early

Jocelyn (Hsin-Chiao) Hsu, AVT A&E Page Editor October 28, 2023

Entering high school as a student in the class of 2025, Yatin Bayya ('24) decided to stand out from his classmates by graduating one year earlier. He started down this path when he was a sophomore.  "It...

Leo Shao (’24), on the left, and Darsh Shah (’24) on the right, carry on a legacy of Amador students being selected for Coca-Cola Scholar Semifinals, this year being the fourth in a row.

Darsh Shah (‘24) and Leo Shao (‘24) make Coca-Cola Scholar Semifinals

Yatin Bayya, AV Radio Editor October 27, 2023

With only about 1.45% of people selected out of a pool of over 100,000 applicants, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation announced their semifinalists for 2024 on Oct. 13. Among them include two Amador students,...

Ishmeet Dhillon (24) funnels her passion for reading and writing into her work as Teen Poet Laureate.

Ishmeet Dhillon (‘24) is the 2023-24 school year Teen Poet Laureate

Edwin He, AVT Profiles Page Editor October 18, 2023

Beginning this school year, Ishmeet Dhillon ('24) serves as Pleasanton's Teen Poet Laureate. Through community events and her writing, she aims to empower young voices and help them find their love for...

David Wu (26) is a child singer for the San Francisco Opera Guild and performs in tournaments such as the Schmidt Vocal Competition.

Voicing a hidden talent: David Wu (‘26) sings opera on stage

Edwin He, AVT Profiles Page Editor October 2, 2023

David Wu (‘26) has a passion for opera singing. He performs in professional productions at opera houses and travels around the state throughout the year to sing in competitions.  “I sing bel canto,...

Dmitriev started his own nonprofit newspaper, the Pleasanton Echo, creating the logo and formatting the website.

Filipp Dmitriev (‘25) creates newspaper focused on the local government

Leo He, Staff Writer October 2, 2023

"They influence our lives more than a sitting President, yet no one seems to pay attention to them. Let's change that." In July, Filipp Dmitriev ('25) founded the Pleasanton Echo, an online newspaper...

Named after Eos, the Greek goddess of the dawn, the company wants to be the dawn of a new era for musicians.

Sangeet Barkataki (‘24), Kalyan Archakam (‘24), and Rohan Prakash (‘24) create a launchpad for aspiring artists

Yatin Bayya, AVT World News & Politics Page Editor September 29, 2023

Sangeet Barkataki (‘24), Kalyan Archakam (‘24), and Rohan Prakash (‘24) co-founded Eos Management, an artist management service aimed at developing the music careers of young artists by offering...

Serena Zhou (24) began teaching dance in January this year, starting first with hip hop at Galaxy Dance, and now going into K-pop at Evas Dance Academy.

Serena Zhou (‘24) teaches K-pop dance class

Aileen Hu, AVT Editor-in-Chief September 8, 2023

Having danced for over ten years, Serena Zhou ('24) started teaching her own classes earlier this year. And more recently over the summer, she added a new class to her teaching list: K-pop dance at Eva's...

Jinghan Li (‘26) smiles for the camera with her archery equipment at practice. (Photo provided by Jinghan Li)

“Believe in yourself”: Jinghan Li (‘26) competes in national archery tournaments

Arlina Yang, Media Arts Editor May 31, 2023

Starting archery around two years ago, Jinghan Li (‘26) wanted to do archery ever since sixth grade. Yet it was only after the end of the pandemic that Li pursued competitive archery. “I remember...

Spanish Honors Society meets every Wednesday in Ms. Henriquezs room during lunch. (Photo provided by Tanya Bakshi)

Club Profile: Spanish Honors Society

Tejasvini Ramesh, AVT Profiles Editor May 29, 2023

Amador is known for its diversity, featuring countless clubs and organizations centered around various student interests. Spanish Honors Society (SHS) in particular focuses on spreading awareness of the...

Kaley Roe (24), Ziyan Liu (24), Kathryn Go (24), Clara Yin (24), and Maggie Mei (24) founded the podcast Lab Table Talks to encourage honest discussions about academic burnout, teenage experience, and more.

“Open and honest”: Lab Table Talks podcast aims to de-stigmatize Bay Area high school culture

Arlina Yang, Graphics Editor May 26, 2023

Hoping to destigmatize academic burnout and encourage honest discussion, Amador Valley juniors Maggie Mei (‘24), Clara Yin (‘24), Kaley Roe (‘24), Ziyan Liu (‘24), and Kathryn Go (‘24) created...

Krish Ramineni (12) is the CEO and co-founder of Fireflies.ai, an AI note-taking assistant designed to streamline corporate productivity. He shares his experience at Amador, leading up to his journey creating his company.

Amador to Forbes 30U30: Krish Ramineni (’12)’s journey as CEO and co-founder of Fireflies.ai

Tejasvini Ramesh and Krithika Subramaniam May 26, 2023

When Krish Ramineni (‘12) graduated from Amador, he wanted to be a doctor. Like many prospective pre-med students, Ramineni entered college, ready to start a 10-year journey toward the career of his...

Ishan Junnarkar (24), pictured in center, poses with members of Magnus after collecting donations for the non-profit.

Ishan Junnarkar (’24) creates donation non-profit to aid community

Ritika Ghosh, AV Radio Editor May 25, 2023

It's never too early to start giving back to your community, and that’s exactly what Amador Valley junior Ishan Junnarkar started doing. Junnarkar created his non-profit Magnus, to help those in crises...

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