The film was released and is available on Netflix

Movie Review: “Operation Varsity Blues: College Admissions Scandal”

Yash Bachu, Staff Writer May 27, 2021

"Operation Varsity Blues: College Admissions Scandal" is a documentary that informs the viewer about the largest college admissions scandal in America through the lens of the government. The content The...

Podcast Review: The Skinny Confidential

Podcast Review: The Skinny Confidential

Imogen Rogers, Junior Editor May 26, 2021

The Skinny Confidential His & Hers podcast is a wellness, business, beauty, and lifestyle podcast in which married couple Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick interview a variety of celebrities and influencers...

This restaurant is located in the Rose Pavilion in Pleasanton.

Restaurant Review: The Port of Peri Peri

Arissa Leomiti, Staff Writer May 26, 2021

Pleasanton welcomes the brand-new restaurant The Port of Peri Peri, a Portuguese restaurant filled with lovely wings, chicken, and more! If you are a fan of spices, you definitely have to check it out...

The playlist of podcasts is available on most music streaming platforms like Spotify.

Podcast Review: Vox Quick Hit

Zachary Nicholas, Editor-in-Chief May 26, 2021

Vox Quick Hits is a playlist of podcasts, each about 10 minutes long. A variety of topics are explored in regards to politics, pop culture, and more. I decided to listen to “Cancel culture, cancelled”....

The series ended late last month and was incredibly popular during its running.

TV Show Review: “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”

Zachary Nicholas, Editor-in-Chief May 26, 2021

With upcoming Marvel media such as “Black Widow” and “Eternals”, I wanted to look back on the widely successful “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”. This entry in the MCU delved into interesting...

Ultimately, these celebrities are fooling themselves, as well as the majority of the public eye.

Khloe Kardashian: the problem with celebrity photoshop

Marisa Fidone and Aidan Bohen May 26, 2021

There is no doubt that the pressure of the public eye weighs heavily on celebrities and social media influencers. However, despite having notable access to designer makeup and a glam squad, celebrities...

Marvel’s “Eternals”: what does that mean to the MCU?

David Cease, Segments Editor May 26, 2021

Among the catalog of upcoming projects from Marvel/Disney is “Eternals” which is a standout project among new Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Thor movies....

TV Show Review: “Star Wars: The Bad Batch”

Austin Coyne, Staff Writer May 26, 2021

Overview “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” is the latest Star Wars Disney+ TV series. It tells the story of a squad of elite clone troopers during and after the events of Order 66. The squad, officially...

Billie Eilish unveils new song and teases more with Instagram post

Auguste McDaniel, Staff Writer May 26, 2021

Pop singer Billie Eilish recently unveiled a 10 second sample of her upcoming song, ‘Happier than Ever’. In the clip, Billie is sporting a brand new blonde hairstyle sitting on a fancy lace chair,...

The film was released at the end of April, and has been at the top of Netflix's charts.

Movie Review: “The Mitchells v the Machines”

Auguste McDaniel, Staff Writer May 25, 2021

What if technology is fed up with us? What if the biggest tech company in the world made a machine capable of destroying humanity? It's an idea that's been explored many a time in modern cinema, but certainly...

TV Show Review: “Them”

Haygen Riley-Gleason, Staff Writer May 25, 2021

Overview "Them", produced by Lena Waithe, is an American tv show following the story of an African American family moving to an all white LA neighborhood in the 1950s, where they encounter racial prejudice,...

Kim Kardashian's first tweet regarding her new project of being in the

Kim Kardashian to star in the “Paw Patrol” film

Jasmine Andrea, Junior Editor May 25, 2021

“Paw Patrol: The Movie” is set to release in late August of this year. When the cast was announced and the original characters were listed, no one batted an eye. However, reality star Kim Kardashian’s...

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