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Dining with the Dons: Salt and Straw
Krithika Subramaniam and Devika Subramaniam January 26, 2022
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Michael Wisoff (24) attempting to take down his opponent from Dublin High.
AV Wrestling wins big at their senior night
Soumya Rangan and Parth Mishra January 26, 2022

As a commemoration of the dedication and hard work that the seniors’ put into their team, the AV Wrestling Team held their senior night game against Dublin High on January...


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The beyond nuggets look identical to iconic fast food chicken nuggets.
Food Review: KFC Beyond Fried Chicken
Thomas Kim, Page Editor • January 24, 2022

Following the trend of plant-based food taking over fast food chains, KFC presents their new beyond fried chicken for a limited time. Beating their main competitors in the...

Pitch Cast
Pitch Cast
Jan Schullerus, Joseph Chiu, Evan Garber, and Jack Beresford-Howe
Comfy Winters
Comfy Winters
Maddie Cowan
PUSD, a prime example of “school 2” has to deal with outbreaks, contact tracing, and keeping kids in school all at the same time has to juggle many complicated tasks.
Schools should shut down over Omicron. Here's why.
Kevin Zhu, Staff Writer • January 21, 2022

As Omicron continues to ravage the nation with its high transmission rates and its breakthrough capabilities, schools should take a precautionary...

The nativity scene celebrates the birth of Jesus on Christmas day.
Politeness of the holidays
Thomas Kim, AVT Editor • December 23, 2021

Merry Christmas – it’s a universal saying that originated from the 16th century with an English Catholic Bishop, John Fisher. In the modern...

This is currently the only functional parking lot on the Amador campus. Every morning, Santa Rita all the way down to Valley is blocked, full of cars.
America's car culture: what can be done?
Kevin Zhu and Yi (Steven) Yang December 22, 2021

The automobile was invented in 1886. Little did anyone know that this invention would dramatically alter the culture of Western society – with...

This court case was monumental for feminists involved in the pro choice movement, as it was the first steps to gaining women the right to an abortion.
What is Roe V. Wade and will it be overturned?
Katy Clark December 23, 2021

On January 22nd, 1973 the Supreme Court Case Roe V. Wade was passed, advancing the Pro-Choice movement and giving women around the nation the...

The pandemic has impacted the nation--and the world--in every way imaginable.
New COVID variant discovered is dubbed “Omicron Variant”
Kazuya Yasui, Staff Writer • December 21, 2021

For the past 21 months, the U.S. has been fighting a long, deadly war against COVID, and a new variant has emerged in South Africa. This new...

The USS California (BB44) after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7 1941. Abandoning ship.
Remembering Pearl Harbor: 80 years later
Mandy Wong, AVT Editor-in-Chief • December 16, 2021

On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, killing 2,403 Americans and injuring 1,143. This year marks 80 years since then, and in remembrance,...

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