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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


Distance learning and morning Zooms are a long way off, despite Omicron’s high transmission.

Why Amador will not return to online learning despite the Omicron surge

Kevin Zhu, Senior Staff Writer January 24, 2022

As Omicron spreads through America at unprecedented levels in the new year, the Pleasanton Unified School District is unlikely to close down school, sticking by its policy of in-person schooling as long...

A student awaits a result from a COVID-19 rapid antigen test.

COVID-19 testing behind Hart Middle School prioritizes students with symptoms

Kazuya Yasui and Zymon Baron January 24, 2022

With the recent surges in COVID-19 cases in America, PUSD has created a rapid testing center behind Hart Middle School specifically for people who have been exposed to COVID-19 or have symptoms. “I...

From PCR to self-antigen tests, there are a variety of ways to check if one has COVID-19.

How effective are various COVID-19 tests?

Emma Ka, Mark Zhou, and Devika Subramanian January 23, 2022

At the end of winter break, the PUSD district offered its students free at-home COVID-19 tests to control the spread of the disease. The measure taken was proven helpful, as many students who caught COVID-19...

Inviting an inevitable chain of cars, Hart Middle School opens its back parking lot to testing tents for drive-in rapid antigen testing.

PUSD testing center searches for student volunteers

Zaynah Shah, AVT Page Editor January 19, 2022

With COVID-19 cases on the rise since the return from break due to Omicron, the PUSD testing center has been reaching out for volunteers of capable ages to help manage the drive-in testing site. “We...

District officials, in response to the spike in COVID-19 cases and the shortage of teachers, have decided to help substitute classes in schools throughout the district.

What is PUSD doing to help prevent the spread of Omicron?

Zenil Koovejee and Jocelyn Hsu January 17, 2022

Following winter break, the Pleasanton Unified School District (PUSD) has implemented a numerous number of extra precautions aimed at inhibiting the spread of the highly contagious Omicron variant. “Testing...

Under the pressure of the new Omicron variant, PUSD has been taking precautions to enforce everyone’s safety as we return to school.

How to prepare for the Omicron surge at Amador

Leila Touati, Zaynah Shah, and Parth Mishra January 14, 2022

The Omicron variant is swiftly increasing the surge of COVID-19 cases around the world and in Pleasanton. But not to fear — there are a variety of procedures the Amador community can follow in order...

The at-home tests are one of the easiest ways for students and staff to determine whether or not they have COVID.

PUSD safely distributes at-home COVID-19 tests in response to Omicron

Matthew Carter, AVT EIC January 12, 2022

Due to the recent surge in COVID, the Pleasanton School District made the decision to distribute at-home COVID tests to all students. The tests are not mandatory, but are highly recommended. “PUSD...

A LEGO model of the Little Brown Church in Sunol is a striking resemblance to the real structure.

Museum on Main opens display featuring LEGO creations

Enzo Peixoto, Staff Writer December 22, 2021

It’s never too early to visit a museum and marvel at its incredible exhibitions. The Pleasanton Museum on Main is one of the many fascinating museums around our city. The museum recently opened a rare...

The giant inflatables in front of the Mahdavi residence is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to decor on Candy Cane Lane.

The tradition of Candy Cane Lane decorations

Ritika Ghosh, Staff Writer December 17, 2021

Every year, from December 4 to the 31, Walnut Drive near downtown Pleasanton transforms into Candy Cane Lane, a street filled with lights, Christmas decorations and all the joy of the holidays.  “I’ve...

PUSD sent an email to parents this afternoon, alerting them of the dangerous trend.

PUSD sends emails to parents warning them of threats of violence made on TikTok

Leila Touati, AVT Editor-in-Chief December 16, 2021

On Dec. 16, Pleasanton Unified School District (PUSD) notified parents of nationwide threats of violence toward schools on that were made on social media, mainly TikTok. “We have received no information...

People use LED Christmas lights since they are cheaper, however the real purpose of the lights is not about the price — its about spreading joy.

How much do Christmas lights harm home electricity bills?

Parth Mishra, AVRadio Editor-in-Chief December 15, 2021

As Christmas draws near, the people of Pleasanton decorate their houses with all sorts of festive ornaments, from colorful Christmas lights to cardboard cut outs of Disney characters.  “We [put up...

Towne Center Books is selling coffee mugs advertising the Shop Small event, a way to boost small businesses in the area while offering decorative merchandise to fill their shelves.

Pleasanton starts the “Shop Small” Campaign, but how are local businesses unique?

Katy Clark, Senior Staff Writer December 14, 2021

In order to encourage people to shop local and support small businesses, the city of Pleasanton has launched a campaign to “Shop Small” starting on November 26 and extending to December 24. This event...

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