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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


PG&E has recommended customers to set thermostats at 78 degrees or higher in order to help statewide efforts.

Power outages strike Pleasanton Meadows area after heat waves

Kevin Zhu, AVT News Editor September 14, 2022

On September 13th and September 1st power outages struck the Fairlands residencies of Pleasanton and some parts of Dublin due to strain on the electrical grid from air conditioning units. Breaking Records The...

The skeletons and scaffolding of the soon to be the 23 acre Emerald High.

Newly built Emerald High set to open for 2023 school year in Dublin

Andrew Naylor, Mirella Maltby, and Rohan Prakash September 12, 2022

Emerald High started construction in 2015-2016 as a part of the Facilities Master Plan located at 3700 Dublin Blvd, Dublin near Lowes. As of Aug. 2022 Foundations have been built. $385 Million was approved...

A fireman goes up to the power line to try to fix the damage.

A crow disrupts power in Pleasanton

Parsa Hassanpour, Copy Editor August 31, 2022

At around 7 P.M, on Saturday, August 27th, power in most homes west of Santa Rita abruptly went out, interrupting the weekend activities of many Amador students. The power was interrupted by a crow who...

Pleasanton cops helped Dairy workers deliver ice cream to waiting customers.

Cone with a cop event at Meadowlark dairy brings police and community together

Anita Gautam and Nadya Carreira August 26, 2022

The Pleasanton Police Department hosted Cone with a Cop on Wednesday at the Dairy downtown. The event went from 1-5 and attracted hundreds of people with the promise of free ice cream, sponsored by the...

Multiple signs around the area of a Special Operations fundraiser encourage guests to donate to help the cause in saving children.

Right under your nose: how Special Operations fights trafficking in the Bay Area

Leila Touati, AVT Editor-in-Chief June 16, 2022

When the risk for human and sex trafficking is at an all-time high in the Bay Area, Special Operations, a private organization of investigators that find trafficked children, steps in and keeps kids safe...

The sunset allows seniors to reminisce on their high school experiences.

Senior sunrise to sunset — what has changed with seniors’ mindset of high school?

Soraia Bohner, Staff Writer May 29, 2022

One of Amador’s many senior traditions is a class trip to Mission Hills park to watch the sunset together. At the beginning of the year, many seniors went to this same hill to watch the sunrise. Both...

Shoppers browse and peruse books at a cheap price, taking in the atmosphere of a used book sale.

Friends of Pleasanton Library host a book and media sale during Memorial Day weekend

Emma Ka, Staff Writer May 27, 2022

This Memorial Day weekend, the Friends of the Pleasanton Library is hosting a book and media sale from May 26th to 29th. On Thursday, it will last from 2 pm to 7 pm, on Friday and Saturday, 10 am to 3...

Nine members of Ornithology Club explored the wildlife of Shadow Cliffs.

Amador’s Ornithology Club birdwatches at Shadow Cliffs Regional Park

Mandy Wong, AVT Editor-in-Chief May 27, 2022

With help from binoculars and each other, nine members of Ornithology Club spent this past Sunday observing and identifying local bird species at Shadow Cliffs. “This was a fun trip at the end of...

Cal Fire notes the fire incidents for 2020, a year which is named one of California’s worst fire years.

Wildfire threats during the summer season in the Bay

Lionel Liu, Staff Writer May 24, 2022

  A prevalent worry is in the back of everybody’s minds: the issue of wildfires, because after the devastating year of wildfires in 2020, California acts like a matchbox reading to burst into flames...

Amador DECA students enjoy their day trip away from the competition at the biggest aquarium in the U.S., the Georgia Aquarium.

‘Keep that streak going’: Amador DECA students compete in conferences

Arlina Yang, AVTV Segments EIC May 24, 2022

Through the California state conference in Anaheim, 12 Amador DECA students pushed beyond their competition to qualify for the International Career Development Conference (ICDC). DECA competitors came...

Robin Cruz teaches the group of volunteers how to tie the ribbons to lampposts.

Volunteers tie ribbons in Downtown Pleasanton to honor graduates

Abigail Kent, Staff Writer May 21, 2022

On Friday, parent volunteers continued the tradition of tying ribbons of the high school colors to celebrate the graduating seniors of 2022. Purple, yellow, blue, and black ribbons represented the three...

To show community pride and to celebrate, APAPA hosts the Heritage celebration.

A Showcase of Different Cultures: Dublin Asian Heritage Celebration 2022

Arlina Yang, AVtv Editor-In-Chief May 19, 2022

On May 14th, the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs, Tri-Valley Chapter in collaboration with Dublin hosted an Asian Heritage Celebration event in the Dublin High School theater with performances...

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