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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The series has resumed. Ghostbusters: Afterlife introduces a new generation of ghostbusters while also paying homage to the previous ones.

Movie Review: “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”

Yi (Steven) Yang, AVT Editor-in-Chief November 25, 2021

I’ll admit: I did not watch the first two Ghostbuster movies in theaters -- I wasn’t even alive when they came out. However, when another installment to the Ghostbusters story released on November...

Dune premiered in theaters worldwide on September 15, 2021 and in HBOMax on October 22, 2021.

Movie review: “Dune”

Ritika Gupta, Page Editor November 16, 2021

Overview "Dune Part One" is the first part of the adaptation of the 1965 novel, Dune. The story follows Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) of House Atreides in his journey to bring peace to the planet...

Three beautiful short films to watch

Three beautiful short films to watch

Kevin Zhu, Senior Staff Writer November 12, 2021

The magic of short films is often overlooked in the face of its larger, more daunting counterparts. However, short films offer a different expression of film and an entirely different viewing experience,...

Daniel Craig kicks off his Bond career in Casino Royale, playing high-stakes poker and foiling terrorist attacks.

The end of an era – what was Daniel Craig’s best Bond film?

Yi (Steven) Yang, AVT Editor-in-Chief October 27, 2021

Back in 2006, fans of the James Bond series harshly criticized Daniel Craig -- Pierce Brosnan’s replacement as the new bond. Now, 15 years later, we cannot imagine a 007 who is not Craig.  Whether...

In the Red Light, Green Light game, participants learned the true stakes of the game.

Why we love “Squid Game”

Katy Clark, Senior Staff Writer October 19, 2021

Released on September 17th, Squid Game, a South Korean thriller, follows debt-strapped individuals as they compete in children’s games for money. Failure equals death and winning is the only way to stay...

The very embodiment of Marvel’s darker side, a villain named Carnage,  stands as an example of her namesake: cruel, incomprehensible, and bloodthirsty to a fault.

Movie Review: “Venom: Let There Be Carnage”

Parth Mishra, AV Radio EIC October 16, 2021

The story of Eddie Brock and his symbiote Venom continues in “In Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” the long awaited sequel to Venom (2018). After critics flamed the first movie, Marvel forged the core...

Movie Review: Free Guy

Movie Review: Free Guy

Anaita Mistry, Page Editor September 2, 2021

Overview Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer steal hearts and save worlds in Shawn Levy’s recent comedy Free Guy.  Flashing lights and vibrancy bring the movie's video-game setting to life while capturing...

Josee, with a love for the seas, swims in her dreams.

Movie Review: Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

Kevin Zhu, Staff Writer August 28, 2021

Real Tigers and Real Fish Note: The following review contains spoilers. Realism is a trait highly valued but rarely found. In media, everything is exaggerated. Blown up out of proportion, drama is often...

Jungle Cruise released July 30, 2021.

Movie Review: Jungle Cruise

Sara Kracke, Photo Editor August 26, 2021

Craving another adventure-packed film on the big screen? Jungle Cruise with stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt light up the screen in the new hit movie. This motion picture is rated PG-13,...

Our band of heroes (Or, supervillains) head out to save the day yet again. Or are they?...

Movie Review: The Suicide Squad

Parth Mishra, Radio/Podcasting EIC August 26, 2021

Disclaimer: This movie is rated R and not recommended for people under the age 18 without parental consent due to strong violence and gore, language throughout, some sexual references, drug use, and brief...

TV Show Review: Miracle Workers

TV Show Review: “Miracle Workers”

Ritika Gupta, Page Editor August 21, 2021

Disclaimer: This show is rated TV-MA and is not recommended for children under 17 without parental consent. This show contains profanity, sexual references, and violence. Overview Miracle Workers is...

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