2017-2018 Staff

Vi Nguyen


Vi Nguyen ('18), is a co-editor in chief of AVtv. She enjoys filmmaking and watching movies. This is her first year of journalism and she is very excited to make new changes, revitalize AVtv, and help her fellow editors....

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Grace Skinner

Staff Writer

    Grace Skinner ('19) is on her first year of Amador Valley Journalism as a staff writer. In her free time, she enjoys writing stories, going on hikes, hanging out with friends, and most important, playing with her dog Rico! This...

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Neha Johar

Staff Writer

    Neha Johar ('19) is on her first year of Amador Valley Journalism as a staff writer. In her free time she enjoys playing the violin, writing stories and hanging out with friends. This school year Neha hopes to learn more a...

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Harrison Wu

Staff Writer

    Harrison Wu ('18) is a first year staff writer for AV Journalism that intends to utilize his writing, illustration, and graphic design skills to develop stories and articles. In his free time, he enjoys evaluating fashi...

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Kevin Shi

Staff Writer

    Kevin Shi ('20) is a newcomer writer for the AV Journalism of 2017-2018. He’s starting his sophomore year out with the ambitions of becoming a better writer and journalist, as well as getting an A+ in all his other classes....

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Shivan Sharma

Staff Writer

    Shivan Sharma ('19) is a junior with a passion for writing who is serving his first year in journalism as a staff writer. Shivan’s hobbies include drawing, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and much more. He is al...

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Ellaina Samimi

Staff Writer

    Ellaina Samimi ('20) is a staff writer in the 2017-2018 school year. She is a sophomore at Amador Valley High School and will be graduating in 2020. This is her first year in a journalism class and wants to go to colleg...

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Soumya Sahay

Staff Writer

    Soumya Sahay ('21) is a lover of Gilmore Girls, a Reflections contest winner, and a movie enthusiast. She spends most of her spare time working, teaching kids reading and math. This is her first year working on staff, an...

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Katherine Reedy

Staff Writer

    Kate Reedy ('20) is a sophomore at Amador valley high school and enjoys playing soccer. In her free time Kate likes to take naps, watch Harry Potter, and play with her dog. Most of her free time is taken up by playing, he...

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Caroline Recupero

Staff Writer

Caroline Recupero ('18) is a staff writer for AmadorValleyToday and the Amadon newspaper. This is her second year in the AV Journalism program. Caroline is a senior and plans on going to a four year college and majoring in co...

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Xavier Quintero

Staff Writer

Xavier's ('18) favorite hobbies are skiing, bocce ball, and taking his grandma and her friends to bingo. He enjoys watching rom-coms in his free time and knitting. This is his first year in journalism. He enjoys writing stories...

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Jasmine Ramirez

Staff Writer

Jasmine Ramirez's('19) only interesting characteristic is her irrational phobia of crabs. In her free time she enjoys reading, drawing, painting, and listening to music. After high school she plans to go to college and major in...

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Lydia O'Brien

Staff Writer

    Lydia O’Brien ('20) is a dog and cat lover. She enjoys reading and writing. As a sophomore she enjoys taking geometry and chemistry. Hanging out with friends, watching Netflix and playing with her dog take up her free t...

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Rishabh Das

Staff Writer

Rishabh ('18) is interested in journalism and has been interested in writing and video production from a very young age. He has a passion for film and popular culture. He wants to study computer science in college and enjoys t...

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Thomas Hsu

Staff Writer

Thomas Hsu (18') is excited to learn all about journalism during his final year at Amador, and how the media here works. He loves computers and spends his free time playing video games. Thomas wants to go to a good college and...

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Bella Mayo

Staff Writer

Bella Mayo ('20) is a scholar athlete at Amador Valley HS. She enjoys writing and reading, even outside of school. Bella is on her first year as a staff writer in AV Journalism. As a Freshman, Bella played on JV girls soccer and V...

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Joshua Kyong

Staff Writer

Joshua Kyong ('18) is an aspiring writer hoping that one day he may publish a book that he currently works on in his free time. He is a senior at Amador with his only sport being track and field. He wishes that in the future he...

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Jerry Garcia

Staff Writer

Jerry's ('18) hobbies outside of school are football. He loves music and is a cornerback for the Dons and is a senior on the team. He likes to go out to eat and has a wide variety of music taste. He has spent all of his four years...

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Paige Alexander

Staff Writer

Paige Alexander ('20) is beginning her first year as an AV Journalism staff writer. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, binge-watching netflix, listening to music, and occasionally traveling. She is looking...

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Anna Sun

Page Editor

Anna Sun ('20) is your average asian child. She balances Journalism with two AP classes, two honors, and cross country. "I'm not even the craziest. Many of my friends are taking three or four APs and I'm just like...why..." In ...

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Mark Liu

Editor in Chief

Mark Liu ('18) is the editor-in-chief of Amador journalism. This is his second year in the program. He enjoys sports, singing, and reading and is excited to get to work.

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Sheree Bishop

Staff Writer

Sheree Bishop ('19) joined the AV Journalism team this year. Aside from Journalism, Sheree enjoys reading, photography, traveling, and eating. This school year, Sheree is looking forward to helping produce AVtv and writing exciting...

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Yuwei Dou

Photo Editor

Yuwei Dou ('20), is the new photo editor for the AV Journalism. She loves playing Guzheng, shopping, reading books and writing stories in her free time. Taking photos is one of her interests. This is her first year with the program...

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Mayank Sharma

Page Editor

Mayank Sharma ('18) is a Page Editor and especially loves opinion-editorials. This is his second year with the program.

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Emma Hodges

Staff Writer

Emma Hodges ('20) is a huge fan of reading and writing which drew her attention to journalism. Emma loves to catch up on episodes of Chicago PD and Parks and Recreation and also enjoys playing softball and basketball! She joined...

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Katalina Garber

Staff Writer

Katalina Garber ('19) is an older sister, a huge Disney fan, and an avid reader. This year is her first year on the AV Journalism team as a staff writer. She plans to enjoy her junior year at Amador, improve her writing skills and ...

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Elizabeth Kostalnick

Staff Writer

Elizabeth Kostalnick ('20), staff writer,  joined AV Journalism in the '17-'18 school year. Besides being a Disney enthusiast, she enjoys keeping up to date with the news and engaging with political debates. When Elizabeth grows...

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Harshika Sethi

Staff Writer

Harshika Sethi ('20), is a first- year staff writer for the Amadon and AmadorValleyToday, and an anchor on AVTV. She loves spending time with her family, even if it's a dinner out, or playing football in the backyard of her house....

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Jazmine Ramanathan

Staff Writer

Jazmine Ramanathan ('20) is a staff writer for journalism. She enjoys writing in her free time, playing piano and guitar, and running. This is her first year as a staff writer and looks forward to new challenges and experiences...

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Donny Collinson

Segments Editor

Donny Collinson ('19) is one of the new AVtv segment editors and producers. He has a passion for video and every aspect that goes into it. This includes filming, editing, and mixing and matching different pieces of audio to create...

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Samara Ayoob-Ahmad

Page Editor

Samara Ayoob-Ahmad ('19), is a Page Editor for the Amadon and AmadorValleyToday. She loves hanging out with friends, playing soccer, and writing. This is her second year in the Journalism program and she is thrilled for this...

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Fiona McHugh

Page Editor

Fiona McHugh ('19), is a page editor for the Amadon and AmadorValleyToday. She is a varsity cheerleader and loves to anchor on AVTV. This is her second year in journalism and is excited to get started.

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Zachary Friedman

Segments Editor

Zachary Friedman ('18), is the new Segments Editor for AVTV. He loves hanging out with people and talking about Game of Thrones, and he is passionate about music! This is his first year with the program and, as he says, "the AVTV...

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Dominic Russo

Segments Editor

Dom Ruso ('18), is the new Segment Editor for AVtv here at Amador. He loves editing videos and his determination will lead Amador Valley to salvation.

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Nischay Poovaiah

AVTV Editor

Nischay Poovaiah ('18) is the AvTv Editor for the third year now. He has taken journalism from regular SD video to whole new level of HD quality and amazing graphics. He has a huge passion for directing movies and invoking emotion...

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MP Hayes

AVTV Editor in Chief

Mykelpatrick Hayes ('18) is one of the AVTV Editors in Chief and is responsible for overseeing the production of the Friday show each week. An aspiring screenwriter, he hopes to elevate the quality of the program and add a degree...

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Addyson Mapes

AVTV Editor

Addy Mapes ('19), is the new 2017-2018 Friday AVtv show producer. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, hanging out with friends, and binge watching netflix. This is her second year in the journalism program and she is...

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Ramnath Jeyaram

Copy Editor

Ramnath Jeyaram('18), is the Copy Editor for the Amadon and the AmadorValleyToday. He loves working out and keeping in shape. This is his second year in journalism and he has high hopes for this year's Journalism program.

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Cathrine Lilja

Editor in Chief

Cathrine Lilja ('18), is the new Editor in Chief for the Amadon and AmadorValleyToday. She loves debating political stories and ideas and has a huge passion for photojournalism! This is her second year with the program and is...

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Zachary Kolia

Sports Editor in Chief

Zachary Kolia ('18) is the sports editor-in-chief for Amador Valley Journalism. This year is his second on the staff. Zachary’s hobbies outside of school are football, which he plays for the Amador team, and rugby. He wants ...

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Sophie Clinton

Photo Editor

Sophie Clinton ('19) is a Junior Photography Editor for the Amadon and AmadorValleyToday. She is interested in photography and writing and can't wait to be involved around campus. This is her second year in Journalism and is excited...

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Eve Schiano

Photo Editor

Eve Schiano ('18) is the senior photo editor for AmadorValleyToday and the Amadon school newspaper. She's excited for the new adventure of entering journalism and exploring the realm of photojournalism as well. With a passion...

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Nanette Lui

Page Editor

It is Nanette Lui's ('19) second time as an editor in AVJournalism. Nanette loves to play with her rat/dog Snowflake, and play lacrosse. In her free time, she also reads, writes, draws and listens to music.

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Maddie Dutra

Page Editor

It's Maddie's ('20) first year in AV Journalism. In her free time, Maddie enjoys dancing, playing the ukulele, and listening to music. She is really looking forward to writing different news stories, working on more graphic design...

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Haley LaHa

Page Editor

It is Haley's ('18) first year on AV Journalism. In her free time she enjoys reading, listening to music, and traveling. She is looking forward to having a memorable last year at Amador and seeing which college she will attend.

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Apurva Kannu

Page Editor

It is Apurva's ('20) first year in Journalism as Junior sports editor. She plays field hockey competitively, enjoys playing guitar, and loves watching football.

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