Club Profile: Red Cross

Senyi Yang, Segments Editor

The Red Cross at Amador is a group of students who participate in and organize volunteer opportunities. By collaborating with other clubs from high schools in regional meetings, the Red Cross reacts to both local and national events and allows students to plan events such as fundraisers.

“We work with our local chapter and regional chapter and we usually work on issues and disasters that are going on locally and regionally. And international as well. Like last year we worked on Hurricane Dorian and what we basically did was fundraise money and then sent supplies and stuff to the people in need over there,” said Red Cross President Devang Deshpande (‘21).

One such event is the annual collaboration with Socks in the City where socks and other hygiene related items are donated to people in need in San Francisco. 

“One of our biggest events regionally is Socks in the City where we make blankets and supplies like hygiene kits for people in need in San Francisco. Some of my favorite memories from my time with the Red Cross have been from this event,“ said Deshpande. 

Another major feature are liaison meetings where clubs meet with other clubs throughout the East Bay regional chapter. These meetings are a great opportunity to meet with other students with similar mindsets and can really help start great bonds. Many of the officers from the club enjoy attending these liaison meetings and some of their best memories are formed here.

The Red Cross organization also holds many other events, which the club has always been excited about. Many of these lead to lifelong memories and create impactful relationships with other Red Cross volunteers. 

“In the summer there’s a summer camp that the red cross puts on called LDC and it’s a four night summer camp and you just get CPR certified and you make a lot of friends and memories. So if that’s like any reason to stay in the red cross, I think LDC is one of the biggest reasons because it really opens up so many doors and helps you make so many new connections. And I think it was like a kind of a life changing four days for me, and like other people who do go to the camp,” said club vice president Shreya Kundur (‘22). 

The Red Cross also has many educational events mostly pertaining to donating blood and blood collection, as many people know the organization for it. Essentially, the club serves as an extension of the charity’s relief efforts and while also promoting forming relationships through volunteering. 

“This is like something for the freshmen. Often, like when I was a freshman,  I was super scared to join clubs that I didn’t have friends in and I think Sarah can attest to that, but like when I joined Red Cross, it’s like a super welcoming family basically. So I would tell you guys to not be scared to join because like all of the other officers have said, we would love to like help you get set up,” said treasurer Trisha Sukale.

Even though volunteering through the Red Cross is incredibly rewarding, signing up to join the club and putting in hours is quite simple as well.

“To join the school club, all they have to do is email us and get into so we can send them emails for club meetings and everything. And then to be a part of Red Cross, they can make a Volunteer Connection account and contact the regional director, but the easiest way to go about it would just be to come to the school club and then which will open up a greater range of opportunities to volunteer from,” said Devang. 

“Definitely I would say generally really social people [should join] because it’s sort of not just within your club because you get to meet people from like other schools. You have to be willing to kind of open up and like learn from their experience that is, and not stay within just the people, you know, as we do so many I guess like partnering events, you have to be willing to like make new friends and not stay within your like social bubble,” said publicist Sara Vannoni (‘23).

The Red Cross is a non profit organization with branches in various high schools and community centers across the country. To join the Red Cross club at AVHS, you can check out their instagram account @avhs.redcross or email them at [email protected].