What sports are back to practicing and competing this February


Above are the list of sports returning and what their they will be allowed to return in.

Casey Chang, Infographics EIC

Recently Amador has announced which sports are coming back and when. On February 22nd all purple and red tier sports officially returned. Even though we are all excited to watch games and competitions, there are strict precautions for those athletes who are participating. 

Some sports that are currently in session are golf (girls and boys), tennis (girls and boys), cross country, football, and swim and dive. 

“Our practices are very safe. We are all expected to wear masks when coming to practice and during all breaks. All the doubles players keep their masks on while playing and our singles players keep switch-overs brief and socially distanced. Our coach also does a great job enforcing safety precautions,” said varsity tennis players Parna Praveen (‘21)

There are many different opinions on whether or not it is too soon to begin practice. 

“So there’s club hockey that’s been going on since the start of school but I don’t think it was safe at the time. I do hope in May or June there will be a season for Amador hockey where we can get that group back together, play games, and have fun,” said Kris Kiyoi (‘21)

Currently AV is using the color tier system as a timeline for brining sports back. There are also steps on how to register for sports on the Activities and Athletics tab

In order to participate in sports at Amador a student must be in good academic standing. Grades will be checked for each student at the time of their signed confirmation email submission to the Activities Desk,” according to the AV website

To prepare for practice students must fill out the Physical Form and Athletic Clearance prior to tryouts or the start date. 

“Final sports clearance must be received before a student will be allowed to try out for a sport. Please ensure that you follow each step to secure your clearance in a timely manner,” according to the AV Website

Without a doubt returning to pre-pandemic sport will be difficult, but we are making steps forward.