Asbury United Methodist Supports LGBT

Casey Chang, Staff Writer

In early April the Asbury United Methodist Church proudly hung up the gay flag showing support for the LGBT community. Even with the current debate of the the United Methodist Church allowing gay members, clergy, and rights was taken to vote back in February.

Around two months ago in February the Church held a vote to either ban or imply new LGBT idea, but sadly majority voted for the ban and this dissatisfied the community, especially, the LGBT followers and clergy.

Although the tension is high many churches across the country hung the flag to symbolize their church as a safe place to seek worship. This argument between the churches has lead to the possible division of branches and split between the traditional values and the liberal ideas.

Another point is that people interpret the bible in different ways and “it is very important for Christian dominated religions to show their support and accept LGBT followers because scriptures show to be kind to your neighbor and those who are lesser than you, but it is contributory when they don’t support LGBT rights because it is hypocritical” Lindsay Craft (‘21) said.

Luckily here in Amador we are accepting and most churches in Pleasanton are very liberal and imply LGBT equality.

“I think that everyone lives in different areas and that everyone is surrounded by different people even in Pleasanton and they are each told different things because of their family values, but when they come to Amador they see so many different perspectives,” Craft (‘21) said.

Even if not everyone is a religious the acceptance of LGBT will promote equality and a world everyone deserves to live in. By hanging the gay flag the United Methodist Churches showed support and denounced the idea that being gay is a sin and many churches opened their doors to new ideas.