Spooky Story Readings

As we officially enter into spooky season this year, the AVRadio team wants to share with you some of the spookiest stories they have found. From suspenseful stories such as The Interlopers to the classic Halloween favorite The Tell-Tale Heart, our picks cover a wide range of horror. We hope that this Halloween, you get a chance to huddle under the covers and listen to some of our students’ brilliant narrations!





The Interlopers by Saki 

Narrated by Parth Mishra

On a bitter winter night, two landlords from opposing families are on a hunting trip when they’re trapped in the woods together. Will they be able to put their differences apart to survive, or will they be too late?


When I Was Dead by Vincent O’Sullivan

Narrated by Leila Touati

“When I Was Dead” follows Alistair, who has yet to realize that he is dead and vigorously resists his fate.


The Haunted House by Alvin Schwartz

Narrated by Jasmine Andrea

“The Haunted House” tells the story of a preacher who comes in contact with a ghost who murdered in her time.


The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe

Narrated by Jack Chen

An unnamed narrator maintains he is sane after he murders an old man. The murderer hides the body by chopping it into small pieces and hiding it under the floorboards.


Harold by Alvin Schwartz 

Narrated by Jasmine Andrea

Music Credits: https://www.purple-planet.com. 

“Harold” follows two farmers who create a scarecrow named Harold who eventually comes to life.

The Trouble by Alvin Schwartz

Narrated by Tino Rosas

“The Trouble” tells the story of a family whose objects are moving on their own, while several people try to find out the cause behind the trouble.


Tailypo: A North American Folklore 

Narrated by Renna Popli

A horrific tale about a terrifying monster looking for its “Tailypo.”


The Gray Wolf by George MacDonald 

Narrated by Casey Chang

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