Movies to watch during the 2020 spooky season

Fun movie suggestions for both young kids and adults!

Casey Chang, Infographics Editor-in-Chief

1. Halloweentown (PG)

Especially if you’ve got younger siblings at home, “Halloweentown” is never a miss. From the witty humor to grandma always stirring up trouble, Halloweentown is a classic. This movie is filled with magic, potion, and surprise you will enjoy! 

2. Hocus Pocus (PG)

A coven of three evil witches cause mayhem in Salem after being freed by a teenage boy who works to stop them. This movie does not have a boring scene in it. From the hidden adult humor to the talking cat, this movie will suit all ages. 

3. Scream (PG-13) 

Scream has and always will be an iconic movie. Though it’s not the scariest, it has it’s charm. The humor is spot on especially the overdramatic murder scenes to obvious cliches, Scream is perfect for teens. This movie is also quite overly Ironic because it lists not what to do, but does it anyways.

4. Exorcism (R)

Unlike the previous movies this one is not for the light hearted. It has quite a lot of gore and blood, which is great if you need a good jump scare. This movie is based loosely on a true story. Without a doubt it’s not for those who are light hearted, so don’t say you weren’t warned! 

5. Chucky (R)

If you don’t like dolls make sure to stay away form this one, he’ll will murder you! This great classic movie will definitely keep you on your feet. The red haired unsettling dolls’ spirit is transferred from ‘good dolls’ to humans. His spirit is filled with murderous rage. 

6. The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (G)

Although much less scary it is a family favorite. This movie is the perfect movie to watch with your family. It follows the story of fan favorite characters from the Peanuts Movie trying to prove ‘The Great Pumpkin’ exists. It’s heartwarming and interesting for all age groups. 

7. Casper 1995 (PG)

Casper’s another great family movie, with a balance of humor and fear. Commonly known as the ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost” he will entertain the whole family. He is relatable for many teens falling for a girl and having his family embarrass him multiple times. 

8. Double double toil and Trouble (G)

Potion and magic make this easy to watch. It’s filled with harmless humorous fun and features the iconic twin from full house (Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen). This heartwarming movie is all about family and antics, highly recommended for those who admire light humor. 

9. Ghostbusters (PG)

If there is any theme song you have heard of it’s Ghostbusters! From 1984 this movie has been remade twice, once in 2016 and a new one coming in 2021. It is not only iconic but also a nominee for a Golden Globe and a Grammy. Without a doubt referenced in almost all sci-fi tv shows, such as Stranger Things

 10. Beetlejuice (PG-13)

Beetlejuice is a fan favorite and was made into a musical, which we recommend too! It is about a deceased couple being haunted by a living family. It was directed by the one and only Tim Burton, who also made Corpse Bride, Coraline, and Nightmare Before Christmas. 

11. Friday the 13th (R)

This is an interesting classic with many jump scares that will definitely cause you to drop some popcorn. The moral of the story is don’t stay in the woods and listen to the elderly locals otherwise you’ll see what’s coming for you. 

12. Adam’s Family (PG-13)

From a depressed and murderous teenage daughter to a failure and awkward son, Gomez and Mortia Adams have it all. There are many variations of this franchise, live movies, animated movies, and a TV show. This has a bit of dark humor but is still family friendly! 

13. The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG)

Another Tim Burton movie, is a great classic and sing-a-long for any halloween lover. The title suggests it’s a Christmas movie but don’t you worry you can watch this one for the next three month because it’s very timeless and loveable. 

14. Corpse Bride (PG)

Yet another Tim Burton movie, as  you can see Burton movies are timeless. Corpse Bride is depressing in a good way like all his other movies. The characters are all extravagant and ridiculously over exaggerated, which makes them all quite lovable. 

15. Edward scissorhands (PG-13)

This movie is not scary, but instead tells an interesting story of how a guy with scissors for hands adapts to a new life. He is full of layers, since he was an unfinished project and was bullied for his appearance.