Meet your ASB officers for 2020-2021!

Casey Chang, Photo Editor

Say hello to the 2020-2021 ASB Officers: Megan Sloan, Luana Yueng, Dalynn Miller, and Abby Bear!

Megan Sloan: President

“My responsibility is to represent the wishes of the leadership classes, Student, and administration. I also have the responsibility of leading our wonderful leadership class and structuring the meeting for our ASB team. 

I think anyone in a leadership position at Amador right now is tasked with promoting student connectedness since we don’t have that forced family fun where we are in a classroom bonding together. So I worry that people may feel isolated and when we come back to school i think leadership will be overcompensation fairs. I think we need to highlight student participation. 

We are all in the same boat. We want everything to happen. Where there’s a will there’s a way. We will get super creative.

We have a large ASB team this year and a lot of hands to supervise. If we have to do smaller events we may break things down by grade, same event multiple times, and we have millions of more ideas. 

Personally I love symbolic things. I’m super excited about the ASB email [email protected] 

These moments reflect fresh starts and getting things started. I can’t wait to celebrate Amador together because high schoolers’ energy is contagious. 

Know that when you are feeling alone there are people to support you. Everyone is here to support you, from leadership, teachers, to admin.”

Luana Yueng: Vice President

“I will be a liaison student organizations here on campus and our administration on campus.I am incharge of clubs to make sure they are renewed. 

I think overcompensating is important because of the event we lost and postponed to next year. During this time we have found new ways to communicate and stay in touch which are important for the future.”

Dalynn Miller: Secretary

“I am an ASB Secretary. I will be taking notes during the meetings, while communicating and sending out emails to the student body. 

The most important thing leadership does is making sure people know they are supported on and off campus. While during this time it is specifically off campus. But as unknown as it is for the student is it unknown for leadership too. 

I think through junior prom I realized that it is not just about putting on the event but the connection you make through the experience. It is also so amazing to see people get excited for what you are bringing to them and have worked so hard on. 

I’m working with the most hardworking and inspirational people I know. For now we have to do what we have to do to flatten the curve because safety is priority.”

Abbey Bear: Treasurer

“I want to not only cause an impact in the class but all over the school to promote positivity. 

I think smaller activities in the quad during lunch. We might have lunchtime performances during lunch like The Dance Team and Bollywood & Bhangra Club. I am most excited for a great class and our ASB team is very experienced. I know it is difficult to stay positive but it is what we must do. Especially, looking at the good in the little things.”