Albertine Combs

Albertine Combs, Radio/Podcasting Editor-in-Chief

Albertine Combs is a junior at Amador doing her second year in journalism as AVRadio’s editor-in-chief. She joined the journalism team because she loves writing and staying connected with others. She has lived in Pleasanton her whole life, but also switches back and forth with Bangkok during the Summer. In Bangkok, she also goes to a Thai school at Sainampeung School. At Sainampeung, she joined the MEP King class. She is best known for writing short stories in her black Moleskine bullet journal.


When Albertine isn’t frantically writing ideas down, she enjoys the great outdoors. She has been backpacking ever since the age of 4 and has a deep connection to nature. Also in Bangkok, she enjoys using her short-tall 5’8” height for modeling. Many of her friends would call her “coocoo for cocoa puffs” with a hyper low-key personality. Her favorite food (and somewhat of an obsession now) is poké. She can speak many languages including English, Thai, French, and Japanese; she is fluent and literate in English and Thai. In the near future, she hopes to make a deep impact on people and their lives while also deepening her own consciousness on life.

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Albertine Combs