Back To School Playlist 2021

Matthew Carter, AVT Editor-in-Chief

With school back in session, AV Radio has put together a playlist perfect for all your back to school needs.




School Day by Chuck Berry

To kick off the playlist we have a jam all the way back from the 50’s by the famous Chuck Berry! Nothing gets you back into school spirit like a trip back in time to school in 1957.


These are my Friends by Lovely the Band

Everyone’s favorite part of going back to school is seeing their friends, and this song captures exactly what it’s like to have great friends.

August by Taylor Swift

Let’s all hope we can start the school year off with an August as good as Taylor Swifts. 

Ribs by Lorde

Moving on to the next school year and growing up can be rough, but you’re not alone.

Campus by Vampire Weekend

Back to school and finally back on campus. A nice song to listen to out on the stone and grass, or if you’re sleeping out on the balcony after class.

My Body by Young the Giant

With a new school year and new challenges it’s nice to have a reminder not to quit despite what your body tells you.

Marlboro Nights by Lonely God

This song went viral on tik tok for a reason. Sometimes, you just don’t want to go to school when you’ve got things on your mind.

Working for the Weekend

This 80’s rock hit still applies 40 years later as students are in fact still working for the weekend.

Sober Up by AJR and Rivers Cumo

Sober Up does an excellent job making us grateful to still be young and have our childhood friends around us.

When the Morning Comes by Daryl Hall & John Oates

We’ve all had those late school nights stressing over that assignment due the next day. But it will always be alright when the morning comes.

We’re Going to be Friends by The White Stripes

Meeting new friends and having new beginnings is what going back to school is all about.

Here It Goes Again by Ok Go

Back to school once again. Make sure to check out the fun music video for this song!

Going Gets Tough by The Growlers

School isn’t always the most fun, but hard work always pays off. 

I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers

Why do we go to school? To learn. Why do we want to learn? We wanna get better.

Levitating by Dua Lipa and DaBaby

A great up beat song by a couple of some of the most popular artists in music right now.