Political Parley With AVRadio


Sierra Deaver

Albertine Combs and Parth Mishra

AV Radio is proud to present our ongoing series, Political Parley, where we’ll examine key issues and events in politics today, as well as bring on guests to discuss multiple points of view.







1. The Capitol Riots

In this episode, Albertine Combs moderates a discussion between two students about the January 6th Capitol Riots, including the media’s portrayal of the event, how the former administration handled it, and how it’ll impact our democracy.

Music: Library of Congress, Music Division









2. Covid-19’s Impact on Politics

In this episode, Parth Mishra discusses the impact of the Coronavirus on politics, including how approval ratings of politicians have been affected worldwide and how that affects our current affairs.

Music: Library of Congress, Music Division; “Docking” by Bio Unit from Free Music Archives CC BY NC ; “Waves” by Pictures of a Floating World CC BY NC-SA