21 Songs for 2021


Albertine Combs, Staff Writer

As 2020 comes to a close, AVRadio has prepared a playlist of 21 songs you can listen to as we usher in the new year. You can find the full playlist on our Spotify or at the bottom of this page.








Let’s Dance by David Bowie

When it comes to dancing with a group of friends or dancing alone with your cat in the living room, Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” never fails to amplify the mood. If you start the song at 11:59:36, the first “Let’s Dance” will play when the clock strikes midnight. Why not dance your way into 2021?


New Year’s Eve by Mellow Fellow

Though we’re still all at home because of Covid, this soft song will leave you feeling warm inside dreaming about what 2021 has to offer.


1999 by Prince

Why not party like it’s 1999?


C U Girl by Steve Lacy

We all are probably missing someone, maybe a friend, maybe a family member, but we’re all hoping to see them again in 2021. Start this song at 11:58:43 transition into this year on a different beat.


Pink + White by Frank Ocean

A beautiful, melodic song that will leave you feeling that your home is floorless, wall less, roofless when you turn the song up. Beyoncé is featured in this song, which makes it so lively to hear her vocals.


New Year’s Resolution by Otis Redding, Carla Thomas

A nostalgic song perfect for slow dancing at midnight…even if you’re by yourself.


Auld Lang Syne by Bill Crosby

New Year’s isn’t New Year’s if you don’t listen to Auld Lang Syne 100 times. Auld Lang Syne actually means “old long since” in Scots language.


Roaring 20s by Panic! At The Disco

Since we’re back in the roaring twenties again, why not blast this Panic! At The Disco classic to start off the year?


California by Lana Del Rey

This mellow song will have you dreaming about years before Covid. When life felt a little bit more free.


The Sounds of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel

Play this song at 11:59:57 for a special surprise for the new year.


Low by Flo-rida

The classic dance songs of all dance songs, a throwback for all the 2000’s babies out there.



Leave 2020 with a mic drop…enter it with one of k-pop’s biggest hits.


TiK ToK by Kesha

This viral track with the same name as the app that took over the world this year is sure to get you dancing.


New Person, Same Old Mistakes by Tame Impala

Start off the year with “New Year, new me” energy. 


Come Back to Earth by Mac Miller

2020 feels like an out of this world extraterrestrial planet. Hopefully by 2021 we’re back   on Earth


After The Storm (ft. Tyler, The Creator & Bootsy Collins) by Kali Uchis

Let’s hope 2021 is the end of 2020’s storm, and as Kali sings “the sun’ll come out.”


No Idea by Don Toliver

This Tik Tok hit first gained popularity in December of 2019, entering Billboard’s Hot 200 as Don Toliver’s first solo track on the chart.


All For Us by Labrinth, Zendaya

Labrinth ties together the ecstatic energy of the New Year in this song, featuring the one and the only Zendaya.


Doorman by Slowthai, Mura Masa

If you want to feel like you’re in a 90’s British rock n roll video when midnight hits, then why not have it be a Slowthai song.


We Bid You Goodnight by Grateful Dead

We all have to bid 2020 goodnight eventually. Groove to Deadhead’s favorite lullaby as the clock strikes twelve.


Be Nice 2 Me by Bladee

2020 has been a rough year, let’s hope 2021 will be nicer to us. Play this song at 11:58:38 so you can enter 2021 on a whole new beat.


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