Kevin Zhu

Kevin Zhu, AVT Senior Staff Writer

Kevin Zhu ‘23
Kevin Zhu is an editor for AVJ 2021-2022 class. A first year journalism student, he has absolutely no idea what he is doing. He is convinced by his massive ego that his writing skills are impeccable, when he clearly isn’t, but nevertheless, is excited to get down and write. He excels at analysis and offering alternative views on topics, adding a cynical yet fresh flavor into his pieces.

Kevin is also a teenager. He doesn’t know what to do with his unimpressive life, but wants to be good at it. He has a kid sister at home who is his greatest friend, and enjoys playing music on many instruments in his spare time. He possesses abnormal cooking and household chore skills for a kid his age, and watches television shows and anime in his spare time. He also somewhat is an elitist when it comes to books and shows, enjoying pointless arguments on why or why not a book is the most contemporary work of genius or piece of trash. He thinks that people aren’t like pieces of paper-they often have a back side or cross section, so he always looks at the world with wonder.

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Kevin Zhu