New Year’s Resolutions

In this special mini-series, AVJournalism staff recount their new year’s resolutions and how they plan to progress towards their better self.







 Self-Discipline & Getting Buff

In this episode, Renna (’23) and Jeanette (’22) talk about the importance of self-discipline in high school, as well figuring out the difference between “tuition” and “fruition”.

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Good Sleep & Good Friendships

Good sleep is necessary for a productive day, and good friendships are necessary for a beautiful day! Listen to Audrey (’24) and Karissa (’24) talk about their morning schedules and how to find loyal friends.

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Battling Procrastination & Going Outside

Fighting procrastination is on the back of every high schooler’s mind, so Carol (’23) and Kevin (’23) seek to bring it to the forefront, as well as talk about the pros of going outside (something we haven’t done a lot recently)!

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