Exploring Black History Month: From humble beginnings to a symbol of Black Pride

Black History Month has a special meaning in American history, both in the past, and in the present. It symbolizes the undying will of African Americans, and in proxy, people of color in America. In this podcast, our AVJournalism staff decipher the obscure history behind Black History Month, and discuss its significance in today’s society.







How did Black History Month come to be?

Black History Month is a tradition celebrating the history of people of African descent. It’s widely publicized, and has built a culture around itself, but how did it all come to be? Elyssa Lieu (’22) and Kevin Zhu (’23) discover the history behind Black History Month, and what it originally seeked to preserve and change.

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The Meaning behind Black History Month

The meaning of Black History Month differs for every person, no matter how shallow of an understanding they have about the month itself. Thus, Thomas Kim (’23) interviewed a teacher and a student on their meaning of Black History Month, as well as delving into his own opinion on the subject.

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The Voting Rights Bill dilemma and various other issues people of color suffer from

While leaps of progress have been made to bridge the gap of social equality in America, civil rights violations such as the lack of an enforced Voting Rights Bill still plague not only the racial landscape of America, but the fragile protection of equality in the nation as well. Soumya Rangan (’23) and Anaita Mistry (’22) discuss the various social issues of our time, and how they can be resolved to ensure a better future for all in America.

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