Mohr Elementary celebrates completion and artistry of school mural


Zymon Baron

The new mural spans every inch of its wall, leaving no white space.

Kevin Zhu and Zymon Baron

Mohr Elementary School is celebrating the completion of their beautiful mural that they have been working on for three whole years of hard work and dedication. 

The completion of the mural is a sign of a return from COVID, as the pandemic had delayed the project far longer than its originally intended deadline. 

“COVID was such a major setback in putting the mural together. The pandemic caused a huge delay as painters had to stay home and locked up at home. Things were easier when President Biden took off the quarantine restriction,” said Angetha Baron, a parent of Mohr.

The mural is more than an abstract idea, as it’s a physical representation of the values that Mohr Elementary believes in. It’s a massive piece, spanning several walls, and every student, staff, and visitor can see it from far away. It’s hard not to be kind when there is a wall full of kindness.

“Our mural represents Mohr’s morals and embraces what our school is all about. The mural is a visual concept to show how artistic our school can be and the love and passion each of our students have,” said Jo Anne Kumar, a 5th-grade teacher.

The Mural was officially finished and dedicated in a dedication ceremony on March 30th. Students, PTA, staff, and teachers all came together to commemorate the beginning of a mural of love and passion. It’s a representation of the unadulterated joy and innocence of an elementary school, expressed in the most physical form possible: essentially as a giant painting.

“The mural means a lot to Mohr Elementary as it is a beautiful representation of our school and it took three long years to make,” said Kumar.

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  • “We soar at Mohr” – a testament to the determination of the mural completion despite all the pandemic had to offer.

  • Even the door is not spared from the beauty of the mural.

  • The mural mirrors real life: garden, sky, eagle, both literally and figuratively, with life, freedom, and flight.

  • A collage of different students’ art, coming together to form an eagle. Each piece is different, but together it makes one painting.

  • Mohr Kindness, a wordplay on the school’s name is a favorite phrase of both the staff and students alike. Playful and positive, it captures the spirit of Mohr Elementary.

The murals have three general themes. One is a collage of different students’ artwork impressed into an eagle, the school’s mascot, another is a simpler piece featuring Mohr students working in the school garden with kindness as its theme.

“Our school mural looks very artistic and beautiful,” said Sophia Cheng(‘22), 5th grader.

The most impressive one, a full-length mural that spans every inch of the wall it is painted on, leaving no white space, is a massive piece of artistry depicting the school garden, dedicated to Aidan O’ Flynn. The work has 2020 in the lower corner of it, marking the days of the early pandemic.

“When the mural just started, I was in third grade and now I am in fifth grade,” said Cheng.

Mohr’s history of community, kindness, and dedication can be seen on its murals and its walls.