Dead bodies found in car near Fairlands neighborhood

Soundwall at corner of Pimlico and Brockton, in residential neighborhood Fairlands was the approximate location of the Acura.

Kevin Zhu

Soundwall at corner of Pimlico and Brockton, in residential neighborhood Fairlands was the approximate location of the Acura.

Kevin Zhu, Senior Staff Writer

On Sunday, September 19, two dead bodies were found in a car at the intersection at Pimlico and Brockton.

Exact details of the situation remain unclear. Police are unsure of the circumstances surrounding the situation, and as of now suspect no “foul play” according to Pleasanton Weekly. 

According to the Pleasanton Weekly, police dispatch received a call at 9:45 am on the morning of the 19th. It reported an unresponsive person parked in a white Acura parked on the corner of Pimlico and Brockton in the Fairlands Meadows area neighborhood. Police drove onto the scene, only to discover two dead bodies in the car. 

“It looked like they had been (dead) for a while … at least more than a week,” Pleasanton Police lieutenant Erik Silacci said in an interview with Pleasanton Weekly. 

Two days after the release of the initial article, Pleasanton Weekly released a new update. Police are still investigating, and the identities of the dead bodies are unidentified, but it appears that the deceased were a man and a woman in their 20s. 

The Alameda county coroner and police investigators have confirmed that the dead bodies had been dead for about a month, much more than the initial reported “at least more than one week,” but still are unsure as to cause and circumstances of death.

According to the further report from Pleasanton Weekly, no “obvious indications of foul play” such as homicide or suicide were present, but police are not ruling out any possiblity at this stage in the investigation. Possible theories involve drugs, since there were no signs of a fight or “foul play.”

“When my parents heard about it, they were surprised that I knew before they knew. The most obvious theory that [I] and my parents could come up with were drugs — how else would something like that happen with no trauma or foul play?” said Aniruddha Chiplunkar(‘23). 

Many children live in the Fairlands neighborhood as it is close to the local elementary school and within commuting distance of middle and high schools. (Kevin Zhu)

These two dead bodies were found in the Fairlands neighborhood of Pleasanton. Fairlands serves as home largely to families who have children that attend the nearby elementary school, Fairlands Elementary, just a few blocks away at most. 

“I found it creepy, scary, and very unusual,” said Chiplunkar.

Many current Amador students live in the Fairlands, otherwise known as the Meadows neighborhood.

“The soundwall, and the McDonald’s complex, which is where it was supposed to have occurred, is literally a few steps away from where I live,” said Chiplunkar.

Despite no foul play being detected, children and teens are at danger from suspicious activity occurring near schools.

“I thought it was really scary because no one really expects it to happen. This is not the place where anything like that would usually happen. It’s like a street away from my home,” said Vivaan Vora (‘25).

In Fairlands park, many students walk, bike, and play as they go on their commute to the local elementary school, Hart or Harvest Park Middle School, or Amador and Foothill. The occurrence of such a disturbance in a normally peaceful neighborhood filled with laughing kids has stirred up rumors and fear.

“The Pimlico area is very quiet, and more or less safe usually, but this is very unusual activity,” said Chiplunkar.

For more information, visit or call the Pleasanton Police Department if you have evidence relating to the case at 925-931-5100.