Amador Valley celebrates Aloha Week — a recap


Ritika Gupta

Cheerleaders and the spirit group walk to the stands after welcoming students to the Aloha Rally.

Albertine Combs, AV Radio Editor

Last week, Amador students participated in Aloha week: a long going Amador tradition. Students and teachers dressing up in Hawaiian shirts, flip flops, and leis to get in the spirit of the new school year.

“It’s welcoming to that new school year. It’s supposed to start on a high note,” said Amador Alum and current teacher Brett Bower.

Traditionally, Aloha week is a week filled with fun dress up spirit days, a rally, and an Aloha dance that kicks off the new school year. 

“Either Friday or Saturday night there used to be a dance outside in the quad, and was just a really great welcome back,” said Amador teacher Mairi Wohlgemuth

At the rally, seniors got to sit on the track and wear Burger King crowns, the Don Squad plays musical chairs, and the teachers play bubble soccer against each other.

“The rally was really fun and it was really interesting to see all the clubs do their individual performances,” said Chirag Pandey (‘23).

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, there had to be some alterations. This includes mask safety precautions, special scheduled seating times for students, and no Aloha dance. 

Aloha week has become more important than ever, especially with the pandemic.

“It’s such a great reminder of school spirit and feeling connected,” said Wohlgemuth.

Not only is this year the first rally for freshmen, but it’s also the first rally for sophomores as well since there was no Aloha week during the 2020-2021 school year.

“The best part was the cheerleaders, they were pretty cool,” said Karan Gupta (‘24).

It’s Amador tradition for extreme class rivalry at the first rally of the year.

“I loved booing the freshman,” said Sienna Vincent (‘23).