Which masks are the proper ones to wear?

Albertine Combs, Junior Editor

With COVID-19 cases increasing and masks rules being emplaced, many are left wondering what the best mask to use during this global pandemic is. 

All masks aren’t created equal. While others can be a life saver, others can wind up being more detrimental than wearing no mask at all. The CDC recommends that all who are ages 2 and above wear a mask. 

The CDC also recommends that the general public use cloth masks that have at least two or more layers of washable, breathable fabric. It should also completely cover your mouth without leaving any gaps between you and the mask.

N95 and surgical masks should NOT be bought in bulk. They are in critical demand for healthcare providers and with rising COVID cases, there is a national shortage. However, they are the most effective out of all the masks. 

Masks should also NOT be made out of fabric that makes it hard to breathe, for instance, plastic or vinyl. 

Gaiters and bandanas are not effective enough to protect you from COVID-19. 

Duke Fischer P.H.D of Duke University ran many tests on which masks are the most effective. According to his research, gaiters and bandanas are actually counterproductive, and they performed worse than no mask at all.

Masks with valves should not be worn because the valve allows for open contact with the air. A temporary fix for this is to tape up the valves until you can get an effective mask without them.

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