PUSD offers free lunch to Amador students


Albertine Combs

The cafeteria provides a wide variety of meals for students to eat everyday.

Albertine Combs, AVRadio Editor-in-Chief

Amador students have the opportunity to enjoy free lunch as well as breakfast on specific days.

“The lunch is pretty alright and I do like that it’s free during Covid,” said Ryan Owens (‘23).

Breakfast is offered during brunch on Wednesdays and Thursdays, while lunch is offered daily. All meals come with an entree, fruit, vegetable, and milk, but PUSD also offers vegetarian and more plant-based options. 

“My favorite free lunch meal I’ve gotten this year is the Bosco Sticks,” said Kritika Das (‘24).

With the ongoing pandemic, many families and students have been going through financial  hardships, and free breakfast and lunch was offered to ease this conflict.

“Some people weren’t able to go to work during COVID and so having a free meal … is beneficial for them and it helps them save up money,” said Owens.

However, a major consequence of having free lunch is how long the lines at lunch have become, especially with lunch time reduced to 30 minutes. 

“Last year they had grab-and-go meals and I think they should reintroduce that because it’s easier and faster,” said Das.