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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


Food Review: Zero& drinks and desserts at Stoneridge Mall Pleasanton

Aileen Hu
Zero& is a small drinks and desserts shop near the central area of the Stoneridge Mall.

Zero& is a California-originated drinks shop with several locations opened in the Bay Area. The chain has been growing in recent months and opened a store on Newbury Street in Boston late last year. The shop also has local locations in both the Stoneridge Mall and Livermore Outlets.

Its storefront at the Stoneridge Mall is small, and has just enough room for people to line up before the cashier registers. It’s located in a corner building facing the central seating area of the mall. 

As a drinks shop, Zero& has a wide selection of fruit teas, hot teas, a few milk teas, and coffees. And albeit of less variety, there are also both sweet and savory snacks such as croissants and small cakes.

Drinks and Desserts

Starting with a recent new addition to the menu, there’s the Orange Zest Green Tea ($5.95). The drink is a vibrant orange color, thanks to the many orange peels and fruit included in the tea. The bulky oranges make it a bit difficult to mix the drink evenly, however, not swirling well would result in a bitter taste due to how the tea tends to sink and concentrate at the bottom. On the other hand, the citrus pairs well with the jasmine-hinted green tea and creates a refreshing, energizing taste overall.

On the simpler side, there’s the Peach Oolong Milk Tea ($5.45). This tea option is a light, sweet drink that can be ordered for any occasion. Oolong tea leaves are partially fermented, which makes them less bitter than green tea. The lighter tea flavor and a a natural hint of peach complement each other well, and given the subtle sweetness, also goes well with a boba topping. It may be plain-looking, but the taste does not disappoint.

As for my personal favorite, there’s the Coco Mango ($6.95), which is also likely the most unique drink on the menu. Consisting of creamy coconut milk and mango puree, the Coco Mango is naturally sweet and has a smooth texture. It has a summery taste, rounded out by the subtle hint of coconut. When ordering, there’s also an optional topping of grapefruit pulp, which gives the drink a pop of citrus and adds a tart sweetness to the flavor of the mango.

Moving on to the food options, Zero&’s most popular sweet snack is the Classic Tiramisu Mini Box ($8.95). Although the serving may be small, the cake is perfect for quickly satisfying a sweet craving. The cake has layers of coffee-dipped chiffon and a generous cacao powder topping. 

For savory options, there’s the Croque Monsieur Croissant ($6.95). Made with a ham filling and cheese topping, it’s similar to a breakfast croissant. The croissant itself was crispy, and the savory combo goes well with the simpler teas on Zero&’s menu. There are also sweet croissants such as the Coconut Almond ($5.95) and Ube Almond ($5.95).

Final Verdict

Overall, the shop has a great selection of drinks and food on the menu. The Stoneridge location unfortunately does not have a seating area, but it’s near the mall’s center, where customers can easily find a seat in the open area. With its various teas and treats, Zero& has something for everyone that will continue attracting new customers to its doors.

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  • The menu consists of many fruit teas, along with a couple milk teas and other drinks such as hot teas and coffee.

  • The shop also has a small selection of pastries, including both sweet and savory croissants and a bagel special.

  • The main desserts offered are mini box cakes. There are tiramisus, mango mini cakes, ube mini cakes, and more.

  • The shop doesn’t have a seating area, but the couches in the main mall center are close enough for customers to quickly find a spot to enjoy their drinks.

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