Battle of the yogurt drinks: Hey! I am Yogost vs Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt


Arlina Yang

Our reporter Arlina Yang heads out to compare the two leading yogurt brands located in the Pacific Pearl Plaza: Hey! I am Yogost and Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt.

Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt 有米酸奶

Location: 2705 Stoneridge Dr. Ste 1 Pleasanton, CA 945688

The three yogurt drinks we tried from Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt are Straw to my Berry (pictured back), Passion Fruit Yogurt (pictured left), and Mango Pomelo Sago Yogurt (pictured right). (Arlina Yang)

Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt started off as one of the leading yogurt brands in Asia, and they have arrived at the U.S. after expanding across South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, China, Macau, Thailand, and Philippines. Located inside the Pacific Pearl food hall, Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt also shares the same location as the Viet Grill Express restaurant. 

Straw to My Berry – $6.25

Straw to My Berry was creamy in texture with actual fresh strawberry chunks blended into the drink. The fruit pieces weren’t too big, and it only accentuated the strawberry flavor. Straw to my Berry’s plain flavor might be considered bland for those who prefer stronger tastes, but the drink wasn’t difficult to finish. The drink is perfect for any strawberry ice cream fans trying to find a yogurt alternative!

Passion Fruit Yogurt – $6.25

The passion fruit yogurt drink strikes the perfect balance between tangy and sweet, with its passion fruit seeds and milky yogurt. While the first sip tastes more sour, you quickly get a sweet aftertaste. Compared to the regular passion fruit green tea drinks at other stores, the passion fruit yogurt is more like a filling dessert. The milky yogurt is well-combined with the passion fruit flavor, matching well without overpowering the other.

Mango Pomelo Sago Yogurt – $6.99

The mango pomelo sago yogurt drink is one of Yomie’s newest additions on their menu. Each sip has plenty of sago and small pomelo bits. Though the pomelo chunks aren’t as big as advertised on the poster, the mango flavor still stays strong. The whole drink was cohesive in flavor and the toppings matched each other perfectly. However, the sago topping was a bit frozen and clumped together for some sips, but they were still cooked and safe to consume. 

Hey! I am Yogost 我是酸奶君

The Yogost store displays two different menus, since it shares the same location as T25, a tea drink brand. (Arlina Yang)

Location: 2725 Stoneridge Dr. #107 Pleasanton, CA 945688

Hey! I am Yogost is a global yogurt brand established in 2017 that aims to bring healthier options of nutritious yogurt drinks onto the market. With more than 71 stores across the world, Yogost has also arrived in Pleasanton. Sharing the same location as Yomie’s, Yogost is another drink brand with a variety of tea and fruit drinks available on their menu.



Yogost Purple Rice – $5.95

Yogost’s purple rice is the most popular yogurt drink of their brand. With the purple rice and fresh milk added to the organic yogurt, the yogost purple rice drink is definitely a good choice if you’re looking for healthier options on the menu. Compared to sweeter toppings like oreo pearls or rice mochis, the purple rice satisfies as an actual drink topping instead of for a dessert. The purple rice pairs surprisingly well with the tangy yogurt, bringing a nutty flavor to the drink. 

White Peach Mochi – $6.75

With a variety of toppings like rice mochi and peach jelly chunks, the white peach mochi is one of three rice mochi yogurt drinks on the Yogost Pleasanton store menu. The peach flavor permeated every sip of the drink, though the jelly toppings are too small to chew on and are only salient in the drink’s pink color. I initially expected the mochi to be a type of topping similar to boba, but the mochi texture was more like a thicker textured grass jelly. 

Mango Coconut Mochi – $6.95

The Mango Coconut Mochi is another one of the three rice mochi yogurt drinks. Mixed with two fruits, the mango coconut mochi has a much stronger fruit flavor than the peach drink. The mango chunks were similar in size to the peach mochi chunks, but its flavor was comparatively more evident than the peach jelly. The mango coconut mochi drink was so filled with mango chunks, coconut pudding, and coconut milk that it was almost hard to have yogurt in each sip. I do think the coconut pudding is an unexpected texture that breaks the smoothness of the yogurt with the soft mango and mochi. 

Final verdict:

Both stores offered different sugar levels, and the drinks were also around similar sizes. After trying all the drinks from the two stores, I preferred Yomie’s yogurt drinks more than Yogost’s. It truly depends on personal preference, but Yogost’s drinks were filled with almost an unnecessary amount of toppings that took away from the yogurt itself. The mango coconut mochi drink that we tried from Yogost, for example, was filled with so many flavors that it almost became difficult to finish. Yomie’s proved that sometimes, with yogurt flavors, less is more, but if you’re looking for a variety of flavors and topping textures, Yogost could also be the one for you.