TP TEA boba shop review


Aileen Hu

TP TEA has other locations in cities like Berkeley, Cupertino, and San Jose

Aileen Hu, Page Editor

Since 2005, TP Tea has been continually expanding their reach and opening new stores. They already had several locations in California, but in winter of 2022, TP Tea finally arrived in Pleasanton. After their grand opening on December 17 and 18, TP Tea has officially joined Pleasanton’s list of boba stores on Santa Rita Road. 

The shop is small, but comfortable, and upon entering, you notice the sweet aromas of tea and brown sugar coming from the back kitchen. House recommendations are shown on the walls, designed to match the simple yet relaxed color scheme. 

The boba shop’s main focus is, of course, boba tea. They have a variety of drinks, from fruit teas, to milk tea lattes, and even smoothies. There are also several interchangeable toppings, including pudding, jelly, and boba. Customers can freely choose from the large menu or customize their own orders.

The Treasure Taro Milk Tea ($6.50) is a classic favorite, but TP Tea takes it a step further and adds actual sweet taro paste to the drink. The taro was sweet and smooth, pairing well with the tea, which had a hint of jasmine. It may taste bland initially, but that problem is solved once the taro and tea blend together.

Of the many menu options, the Honey Jasmine Green Tea ($5.75) is on the simpler side, but is nonetheless refreshing.

They have many different types of drinks from milk teas to fruit teas to satisfy a wide range of customers.

Although the honey did add a light sweetness, the tea itself was still rather strong. But that won’t be an issue as long as the sugar is above 30%.

For the sweet tooths out there, the TGY Family Milk Tea ($6.75) is a great choice. The drink comes with generous amounts of three types of toppings: pudding, jelly, and boba. The pudding is part of the reason why the drink is sweeter than others, as it was likely made with some condensed milk. With chewy boba, denser grass jellies, and soft pudding, the family tea is another wonderful option on the menu.

Another tweaked classic is the Tie Guan Yin Latte ($5.50). Its appearance is plain, a simple milk tea with boba, but the taste differs from the usual pearl tea. Tie guan yin, which means “iron goddess” is similar to oolong tea, but has a more floral aroma. This gives it a natural sweet hint, which complements the generous amounts of boba served with it. 

TP Tea makes for a wonderful new addition to Pleasanton. It’s not too far from downtown, has a wide selection of boba drinks, and has a friendly service staff. Since the store is relatively new, the staff is not the most experienced, but they still worked quickly to complete their orders. With the considerable servings of both tea and toppings, TP Tea is sure to attract more customers in the coming years.