Croffles&Co. dessert shop opens in Stoneridge Mall


Aileen Hu

Croffles&Co offers a wide variety of toppings and combinations for customers to choose from.

Aileen Hu, AVT News Editor

Croffles, a hybrid between croissants and waffles, are pastries with a layered croissant-like texture that are cooked and shaped as a waffle. Croffles were popularized in South Korea and started trending, usually paired with a sweet cream, and sometimes with the addition of sweet and salty toppings. Located at Stoneridge Mall, Croffles and Co is the place to go for people to get this unique hybrid.

In early December 2022, Croffles&Co officially opened on the first floor of the Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton. The store is a relatively new business, with one other location in Newark, California. It is also the first store in Pleasanton that focuses specifically on croffles, therefore offering much more variety than other traditional bakeries.

The display window shows customers what each menu option will look like and helps them decide what they want to order. (Aileen Hu)

Located around a corner between Zara and MAC Cosmetics, Croffles&Co is not in the most noticeable position. However, it is still an easy place to find, as it pops out from its emptier surroundings thanks to its warm lighting and eye-catching logo. The friendly service staff are patient as they wait to take your order, and efficient when they prepare it. Unfortunately though, the shop does not have a dining area— only a standing counter out at front.

The croffle shop’s menu consists of various croffle combinations, as well as drinks and coffee to accompany them. The wide range of flavors is a wonderful plus, even if it makes deciding what to try first difficult. Most combinations share a simple structure: the croffle, layer of cream, and a topping of some sort. Some menu options are different though, such as the cream cheese croffle and original croffle. There’s also the cheese-topped croffle, which is the only savory dish on the menu. 

The Original Croffle ($3.50) is a simple, tasty option that isn’t too sugary. It is a crisp, honeyed croffle, dusted with powdered sugar and served fresh. Its outer texture resembles that of a palmier, but the inside is soft and chewy. The dish appears plain, but there is a satisfaction and comfort in its simplicity.

The Biscoff Croffle ($5.50) is a widely popular and recommended order, as well as my personal favorite. Topped with a biscoff crumble and caramel drizzle, the crushed biscuit, soft cream, and chewy pastry creates a subtle contrast that enhances the dish’s taste. It is not too sweet and is served with an extra whole biscoff cookie. 

Chocolate and fruit is a common pairing for sweets and pastries, and it works just as well for croffles. The Nutella Banana Croffle ($5.50) is a must-have for sweet tooths. The banana slices, nutella drizzle, and cream all add to the dish’s sugar levels. It may be a little overwhelming for some, as it was for me, and is a little messy to eat due to the nutella, but it will definitely satisfy any cravings for sugar.

Another common topping for pastries in general is just fruit. The Strawberry Croffle ($5.50) is a simpler combination, a simple croffle topped in cream, fruit, and powdered sugar. Lightly glazed with honey, the strawberry slices pleasantly enhance the dish with their natural sweetness. The fruit is only placed at the very top though, so there is not very much. Fortunately, it is spread evenly over the croffle to make sure every bite will get a bit of everything.

Croffles&Co’s drink menu consists of several different flavors of fizzy popping boba ade, which pairs well with the shop’s sweet croffles.
(Aileen Hu)

And then there are the drinks. Croffles&Co has several flavors of popping boba ade: strawberry, mango, peach, blueberry, and cherry. The drinks are fizzy and sweet but not too sugary. The popping boba adds bursts of flavor and makes the ades fun and satisfying to drink. The Peach Popping Boba Ade ($4.50), for example, is a cool, refreshing peach juice with boba that contains a more concentrated peach flavor. The store has also partnered with Peet’s Coffee & Tea, and thus serves some of their standard lattes, machiatos, and mochas.

All in all, Croffles&Co is a wonderful new addition to the Stoneridge Mall. They have a fun menu with good variety, and the service is amiable and time-efficient. With their sweet croffle pairings and popping boba drinks, the eatery is sure to attract more customers as shoppers who want a quick snack take notice of their warmly-lit store.

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  • The eatery is partnered with Peet’s Coffee & Tea and serves some of their standard coffees and lattes.

  • The Biscoff Croffle is an especially popular option on the menu because of it’s crunch and speculoos.

  • Croffles&Co has several fruit-topped dishes, including the strawberry, blueberry, and apple-cinnamon croffle.

  • The Nutella Banana Croffle is one of the store’s more sugary dishes, alongside the Triple-Choco Croffle and Ice Cream Croffle.