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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


Fine-tuning the pixels: Sandbox VR offers a new world to gamers at home and around the world

Stephanie Kamali
Sandbox VR is a popular choice for birthday parties, team bonding events, office parties, and more, thanks to its immersive and engaging virtual reality experiences.

Arcade games emerged in 1971 and gained widespread popularity by 1978. Around 1997, such stores’ popularity declined, with console games becoming prevalent. Now, enterprises centering around VR games have appeared; enterprises such as Sandbox VR.

Sandbox VR is a company revolved around using virtual reality, a rapidly developing technology with high growth potential, to allow for a better gaming experience. Sandbox VR rents the expensive equipment required for VR, and customers pay to experience various  games.

A reservation is required to play at Sandbox VR. The crew of the store needs to clean up the equipment and room, requiring notification beforehand. Customers can reserve a time on their website or in store.

Experiencing a new world

Before playing, you will be given a set of VR equipment: Two straps for your wrists, and two for your ankles. You are advised to put your items away in a cubby within your reserved room.

Upon entering the playroom, staff provide a vest and explain rules and equipment if necessary. Another staff member assists with putting on the headset and provides additional equipment for your chosen game.

Twice the adventure, double the fun

VR gaming offers an intriguing experience where you can see and interact with others in your group, enhancing the sense of playing together. The occasional confusion and chaos only add to the excitement and immersion.

Despite the movement sensing being a bit clumsy, and at times, disorientating and uncoordinated, the overall gameplay is definitely enjoyable. In addition, VR games require you to move, enhancing the overall user experience and adding to the dynamic at play.

 A few glitches along the way 

However, the headset for the game is quite heavy. While it’s not particularly noticeable while playing the game, you may have a stiff neck after the experience. The headset may also occasionally slip.

The gameplay area is also rather small. Although the boundaries are clearly marked, it can be hard to keep track of during the game. Avatars are set for you. It makes sense, but it also makes identifying teammates confusing.

You may also exert yourself while playing the game. Some muscle soreness the next day may also manifest, depending how movement-intensive the game you choose is. Wearing glasses isn’t recommended as they can interfere with the headset, hindering the experience.

Overall, Sandbox VR offers a thrilling experience. The virtual aspect of the game is novel and the feeling of being able to ‘control’ your character in a more personal fashion makes the entire thing more interesting. It’s a must-try for those seeking bonding experiences with friends and family alike.

You can experience Sandbox VR at their City Center Bishop Ranch location in San Ramon.

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