Music Review: Dawn FM


Sarah Yang

Listen to Dawn FM by The Weeknd on Spotify.

Sarah Yang, Infographic Editor-in-Chief

On January 7th, 2022, The Weeknd released his latest album, Dawn FM, consisting of 16 songs. After his previous album, After Hour, was a huge success from 2020, this new album is rising to charts immediately. 


Dawn FM strays away from past albums as it has more of an 80s synth pop vibe. According to The Weeknd, he imagines the album to be a listener who is dead but is in purgatory, and a radio guide is guiding them to the light.

The intro of Dawn FM draws in listeners as it prepares for what the album will be about while highlighting the concept of the album.

Some top hits on the album include “Is There Someone Else?,” “Sacrifice,” and “Starry Eyes.” The production of the album stands out because of the unique and strong beats of each song, and how the transitions flow flawlessly which brought the songs together. Additionally, Dawn FM has two features: Tyler the Creator and Lil Wayne. Both are famous rappers which only adds more flavor and excitement to the album.


The Weeknd is known for his versatile style, dark lyrics and heavy catchy beats, often falling into alt R&B and soft pop/rock. Many discovered and started enjoying him from his famous 2016 top chart album Starboy, or even from 2012 which Trilogy was released in. 

“I think it’s not one of his best because it can’t compete with Trilogy but it still stands out. My favorite track on the album was ‘Is There Someone Else?’ or ‘Sacrifice.’ I think what stood out to me most in Dawn FM was the funky 80s beats. I give it a 7/10,” said Ishya Mukkamala (‘23).


Overall, Dawn FM kicks off 2022 to a great start. With immaculate beats, clean productions, thoughtful transitions, excellent features and thrown in with a bit of an 80s feeling and touching lyrics, Dawn FM is definitely worth giving it a go.