The late Sean Connery & why he was so “legendary”


The movie Dr. No was released in 1962, and was Connery’s first job as James Bond.

Soumyasri Rangan, Staff Writer

The film world mourned the loss of the great actor, Sean Connery, on October 31st, 2020. Acting as the first ever 007, Connery pioneered the role of James Bond with his first movie Dr. No. His later roles included direction from Alfred Hitchcok, Sidney Lumet, and more. 

His life was a constant change between careers until he started acting in theatre and television productions. Connery was also an adamant supporter of Scottish Independence, and was knighted by the Queen in 2000. Here’s a look into why he is so important to the world of film.

By kicking off the James Bond series, Connery became a world-wide phenomenon, with his famous phrase, “The name is Bond, James Bond” becoming tremendously popular around the world. His impact resulted in many awards including his Golden Globe award for his movie The Untouchables.

After acting as James Bond for 7 films, he switched to different genres and also gained a respectable role in The Murder on the Orient Express (1974) directed by Sidney Lumet. His supporting role in the film The Untouchables also gained him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. 

 “Connery revolutionized the world with his portrayal as James Bond,” and that “he didn’t only just portray his characters, he made them into icons and no one will forget him for that.” says John Serrano (21’).

Sean Connery was not just an actor, he was a legendary, a pioneer and a world-wide phenomenon. He will always be remembered as James Bond, and will hold a special place in the film industry. 

Daniel Craig, the current James Bond, responded to the passing by saying that Connery was “one of the true greats of cinema.”He continued by saying that “he defined an era and a style. The wit and charm he portrayed on screen could be measured in megawatts.” 

Connery will be mourned by the film industry and the rest of the world, but will also be remembered by his films that have reached millions. His worth can never be defined in words, but he will always be a pioneer and a legend in his own way.