Amador student creates #StayStrong2k20 to help students amidst the coronavirus


Sophie Wells

This instagram account and hashtag is working hard to cheer up members of the Pleasanton community.

Sonali Carumbaya, Page Editor

In recent weeks, highschoolers are feeling as if the coronavirus has ruined everything. Students across the nation are distraught as proms have been canceled, graduation ceremonies moved online, SAT tests postponed, and AP tests modified.

Juniors are panicked, hoping their college applications won’t be compromised; seniors are disappointed, mourning their last semester of high school. 

Along with the fear of infection, COVID-19 has raised feelings of hopelessness and pessimism among the general public. People are disheartened, and it’s clear that high school students are of no exception.

That’s where #staystrong2k20 comes in. Created by AV student Sophie Wells (‘20), the movement is an effort to spread positivity amid stressful times. 

“I made the hashtag to encourage people to not let the clouds hang over their heads about COVID-19. Instead, clear the clouds and look at the sun! It’s supposed to represent how things may push us down, but we have to get back up and stay strong!” said Wells. 

She even made an Instagram account (@staystrong2k20) that is filled with positive and lighthearted content to lift the spirits of her followers. 

It’s difficult to find a sense of community when people are so separated, but everyone is truly in this together.

This situation is overwhelming and it may feel like there is so little one can control, but people can make an effort to control and promote the well-being of themselves and others.

“I created my Instagram page to make something [people] could look forward to. I mostly made it for my friends so they could laugh and smile even when I couldn’t be there next to them” said Wells (‘20).

Sure, an Instagram account or a hashtag won’t eradicate the virus, but it can help someone feel better— and that is so important for mental, physical, and emotional health.

Diseases are infectious, but so is positivity. Through social media and online platforms, people have the ability to reach out to others and stir optimism. Please take advantage of that.

“It’s totally okay to feel frustrated. It’s annoying to know that everything is out of your hands, and no matter how much you do, the virus is still out there. We are all in this together, [so] just letting people know you are there for them will surely brighten their day,” said Wells

People need to encourage togetherness and support each other. It may seem like everyone is so distant, but members of the Amador community remain connected. COVID-19 has proven itself to be extremely destructive, but our community is still strong.