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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


Laney Parker (’25) wows with her dog show performances

Laney Parker
Starting off her dog show journey during COVID, Laney Parker (’25) has since won several conformation events.

Introduced to dog shows during COVID, Laney Parker (‘25) has been captivated by them ever since. She participates in American Kennel Club conformation events, which are organized to help preserve the rich history of dog shows.

“AKC holds like different types [of] dog shows to preserve the pure dog breeds and find the best dogs that have the best qualities, like how it’s been historically,” said Parker.

Finding a New Passion

After adopting a dog during COVID, Parker was inspired to try out dog shows after a nudge from her younger sister. After some time, Parker fell in love with the sporting event. 

“My sister [and I] both started getting into [dog shows], and we started going to them during the pandemic. Then, we eventually got another dog and just kind of made it more of a hobby,” said Parker

Although getting started required vigorous practicing, Parker quickly got the hang of things and was confident in showcasing her and her dog’s skills.

“When I first started, I practiced a lot because I didn’t know how things worked. I had to learn my own style of how to show a dog best and develop that skill. I practiced a lot in my backyard with my dog,” said Parker

Attending Dog Shows

Dog shows typically have a relaxed environment. The shows require a varied amount of preparation, depending on the type of dog breed. Parker has won several dog show events. She finds herself calm before dog shows and follows a standard process each time.

“Everyone goes in with their dog and you line up. Then, there are some portions where you have them walk and jog around, just to see how they move. Finally, each dog is examined like on the table so the judge can take a look at each dog more individually,” said Parker.

Learning to balance school and dog shows was a frequent challenge for Parker. Since dog shows take up a generous amount of time, Parker learned to complete her homework on the drive to shows or in her hotel. 

“[Dog shows] are usually on the weekends. The times where they’re two plus hours away, I will stay at a hotel, but I’ve learned to bring my homework and just do a tiny bit of schoolwork, even though it’s not super convenient,” said Parker.

A Fun Experience

Dog shows have seven different classes based on a variety of factors, such as age and experience. Through dog shows, Parker has been able to create new friendships and meet people outside of her community. 

“After you go to a lot of [dog shows], you start to see the same people over again and you become friends with them, especially if they have the same dog breed. It’s really fun because it’s not something you usually get to do,” said Parker.

While Parker has encountered some challenges during her events, she has since learned to overcome them with ease. 

“Everyone’s dog is different, so sometimes your dog may be hard to cooperate with because well, they’re dogs. My dog’s pretty chill, but sometimes he gets too chill when he doesn’t want to do anything. So I try to get him to run around and stay active,” said Parker

Future Plans

Though Parker is passionate about dog shows, she plans on keeping this hobby on the back burner until she finds time to sort out school, athletics, and college. However, she is still set on continuing dog shows in the future.

“I’m planning on going to one every once in a while, just for junior and senior year. I’m thinking of continuing maybe even after I retire as well,” said Parker.

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