Cheese danish comes back to the McDonalds menu


Aileen Hu

The danish comes in a box with a graphic design showcasing the brought back menu item.

On September 19, McDonald’s brought back the cheese danish, a dish that was available on their menu in the 1980s. It was only available in the 80’s for a brief time, but the dish is coming back this fall as a limited-time treat.

“I haven’t heard about the cheese danish, but it sounds really good,” said Josie Cheuk (‘26).

The danish was brought back with the introduction of McCafe’s Autumn Menu, which goes beyond the traditional fall treats. The apple fritter is another seasonal option, so the cheese danish is not the only addition for the season.

“It is pretty good, in a sense. I would say if you have a sweet tooth, you should go get it because it is really sweet. And if you like cream cheese, as frosting or anything, you should get it,” said Devika Subramaniam (‘23).

Eating with a fork might be one way to minimize the mess, as the cream cheese and flakiness can create crumbs. (Aileen Hu)

This sweet treat isn’t restricted to a breakfast or lunch menu, meaning it is served throughout the day. It is flaky and filled with sweet cream cheese. The danish is drizzled over with vanilla and topped with a light streusel to tie the whole dish together. It is also served fresh and hot.

“[The cheese danish] I have had in the past was a lot less sweet ,and I was expecting something more flaky and light versus this one, which was really dense, sweet, and almost moist,” said Subramaniam (‘23).

Although it may not be the first thing on the menu when ordering at McDonald’s, the cheese danish is a limited pastry option meant to represent the flavors of the autumn season.