With a cricket bat and dedication, 83 inspires people around the world


Zenil Koovejee

83, through its unforgettable moments and breathtaking direction, encompasses how the underdog can always conquer the impossible.

Kabir Khan’s Bollywood blockbuster 83, featuring Indian superstars Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, graced the cinematic world with a telling true-story that touched millions around the globe. 

The Story

83 is centered around the Indian Cricket Team of 1983 and their phenomenal journey to win India’s first-ever World Cup title. Led by cricket titan Kapil Dev, the team faced much adversity, including global skepticism of their abilities. The 1983 Cricket World Cup came at a time when India, as a whole, was still discovering its footing on the world stage. Furthermore, the West Indies were dominating much of the cricket arena and India was fading into the inklings of obscurity. 

However, after dedication, skill, and power fused into one, the team defeated the two-time World Champions, won the World Cup, acquired respect from the global community, and went home as heroes. 

Pros & Cons

83 not only portrays a fight for the World Cup title, but rather a symbolic battle to earn respect – not only for India, but for the entire Indian community as well. By winning the World Cup, India entered the world stage in a fashion unseen prior. In a famous dialogue between Kapil Dev and team manager Prithvi Raj Man Singh, Singh voices how “[India] may have gained [their] independence 35 years ago, but [it], till today, has not yet won respect.”

Kabir Singh’s 83 also features the almost perfect recreation of unforgettable moments in World Cup history. Famous Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has been credited with encapsulating Kapil Dev’s Natraj shot, bowling action, and overall body language on a level of incredible distinction.

The Bollywood blockbuster also included original footage of the Indian Cricket Team of 1983, allowing for the escalation of the inspirational and heartwarming nature of each scene. The iconic image of Kapil Dev holding up the World Cup trophy, for example, is a moment in the film where tears turn to smiles and where despair gives way to pride. 


83 has had a global impact on the Indian community. Twitter, upon the release of the film, was taken by storm with “#RanveerSingh,” “#83,” and “#KapilDev” becoming some of the top trends on the platform.

The film additionally portrayed a relatively recent victory in the Indian sporting community which has aided in the creation of moments that allow the Indian populace to relive the experience of this almost unthinkable victory. 


On the whole, Kabir Khan’s 83 is an inspirational story that encapsulates a journey. With heartbreaking losses, heartwarming moments, and spectacular cinematography, 83 is a story of Indian pride, dedication, and courage – with just a few cricket games in between.