How Amador Sports are dealing with COVID-19


Imogen Rogers

With the recent surge in Omicron, even more restrictions have been put in place for school sports.

With winter sports continuing, teams have been battling against the ongoing challenges presented by COVID-19. Certain guidelines are in place that basketball, soccer, and wrestling are required to follow including wearing masks and testing for COVID when an athlete is sick.

Boys Basketball

Following a 69-45 victory against Livermore on January 7, 2022, an increase in positive COVID cases resulted in Amador’s Boys Varsity Basketball team left unable to compete in the subsequent games against Monte Vista, Granada, and Foothill. During the layoff, players continued to stay motivated during practice despite constant setbacks.

“They became more strict with masks and it’s harder to breathe… We’ve got a good mindset, [and] we’re not discouraged with our situation. We hold each other accountable because we want to win, so we want to build a good atmosphere in the locker room,” said Guard Jesse Huang (‘23).

After the cancellations, the team returned to action on January 21, 2022 against Dublin. Despite losing by a score of 40-84, they are working hard to regain their energy and will come back stronger.

“Being out with COVID definitely puts you out of shape and makes you a little rusty. But after a couple reps in practice, everyone is able to get back into it. I feel like our team is special because all the players on our team are very dependable. We’re really deep as a team, and everyone is able to hold their own,” said Guard Jason Ooi (‘23).


Boys Soccer

Amador’s Boys Varsity Soccer team has had no games canceled so far, despite dealing with positive COVID tests. This has led to missing players on the roster, and the team has learned to adapt when teammates are forced to miss games. 

“We have a very deep bench [with] players that can take the place of the starting eleven. We’ve been handed that ability to stay flexible because we can sub whenever we want to. You can be sure that the man next to you will stand up and do his job,” said Defensive Midfielder Jan Schullerus (‘24).

Those who are exposed or test positive for COVID must quarantine, leading to their absence on the field. With COVID concerns arising, players understand the importance of discipline and doing what is necessary to stay healthy to participate in practices and games. 

“I personally try to keep my distance as much as possible. You try to avoid unnecessary contact before or after practice. During practice you can’t really do a lot [to follow COVID protocols], but [the field] is outside and I feel like that should be enough,” said Schullerus



Amador’s Wrestling team has not had a major COVID outbreak, and are more lenient on the guidelines they must follow. Wrestlers are required to wear masks in the gym, but it is optional to wear a mask while actively wrestling. 

“For the most part, we’re not too strict. But as a group, we don’t spread out to other groups. If someone does get COVID, we typically shut down for a week or so. We do weekly tests as well,” said Jacob Cazella (‘23).

Being an athlete during COVID has not been easy and typically raises a lot of unknown factors about scheduling. It has taught Amador athletes to be flexible, disciplined, and appreciative of the time they have playing the sport they love. 

“I’ve realized to not take things for granted because we get shut down very quickly, and the season could be over,” said Andrew Johnson (‘23).