Restaurant Review: The Port of Peri Peri


Arissa Leomiti

This restaurant is located in the Rose Pavilion in Pleasanton.

Arissa Leomiti, Staff Writer

Pleasanton welcomes the brand-new restaurant The Port of Peri Peri, a Portuguese restaurant filled with lovely wings, chicken, and more! If you are a fan of spices, you definitely have to check it out and see what you think!

When I entered the other than delightful place, I felt welcomed with the organized and very clean environment. I thought that the restaurant was decorated divinely. 

The service was excellent and they were very friendly and recommended a bunch of interesting foods I had not tried before. It was definitely a great place to expand my flavor palette.

They also had outdoor seating which paired with the lovely weather we have had recently.

As seen in the featured picture, the restaurant had this sign that says “How hot can you handle?” Basically, when you order your food it comes with their signature sauce and you choose whether you would like it very spicy or not so spicy. I definitely recommend that if you can’t take spice well, then get the “lemon and herb” or even “plain” level. Even mild was pretty spicy, but it is something new you can try and you might be a fan of it!

Speaking of the food, everything on the menu looked super tasty and my mouth was watering just looking at the menu. The menu offers wings, all-natural, vegetarian fed chicken, and salads which look super good. I ordered “The Pita” which was a Peri chicken in a toasted pita with lettuce, tomato & peri mayo. Along with that, I ordered the wings with the sauce which was like the cherry on top.

Overall, I found the food to be delicious and the atmosphere of the restaurant to be very spacious and clean! However, my only note would be that the pricing is a little expensive and not as reasonable as I would have liked it to be. Other than that, I totally recommend all to check it out because I think that you will find something you will like and especially for all the wing-lovers!