AV ASB and class officer election results are out for the 2021-2022 school year!

David Cease, Segments Editor

Another year of elections is over and the results are in. Congratulations to this year’s candidates that are now next year’s officers. With COVID-19 disrupting the lives of many Amador students, the 2022 officers will have their hands busy as restrictions seem to be progressively lifting.

For 2022, the position of ASB President is held by Chloe Peissner

“My goal next year is to create a campus that is full of love and spirit. Especially coming back from this crazy pandemic, I will be able to use my leadership position to create many activities to bond our school together and create a positive energy throughout the campus. It is honestly so insane to me that I got chosen to be ASB president for this upcoming school year and I am extremely excited! I love leadership, all that it has given me, and I would recommend anyone to take it for an amazing high school experience!” (Chloe Peissner 22’) 

ASB VP is held by Grace MacNeil, Brooke Inman is ASB Treasurer, and Emma Rathjen is ASB Secretary.  

“As a new officer coming off a year such as this, my goal is to really involve all members of the campus into the school and help everyone find a place that they can feel connected within Amador. We definitely hope to hold all of the traditional Amador events! To increase school spirit next year, we first need a really spirited Leadership class. So as an ASB officer, I want to help bring that energy to the class and then work hard to carry that out to the school! I am really excited to be an ASB officer.” (Emma Rathjen 22’)

Senior Class president is Riann Sarno, Senior Class VP will be Kristina Costanzo, Senior Class Treasurer will definitely be Diya Raghavan, and Senior Class Secretary will be Fiona Kahl without a doubt. 

The Junior Class President for next year is Sara Vannoni, Junior Class VP is Mark Attia, and last but not least Junior Class Secretary/Treasurer is Emma Baer. 

Lastly, Sophomore Class President is Kacie Hu, Sophomore Class VP is Kriti Gaur, and Sophomore Class Treasurer is none other than Ziyan Liu.