Restaurant Review: Wild One

Isabella Guerrero, Staff Writer

The Location and Ambiance

Wild One Grill is located in Downtown Pleasanton, just 0.7 miles, and a 3 minute drive from Amador. The location of the restaurant is on a very popular corner. The restaurant is tiny but with very cute detail and vibrant colors. The front of the restaurant is a bright, eye popping yellow and the inside walls are red with beautiful pictures and wall art. The restaurant has traditional Spanish tile flooring with an amazing design on each tile. The restaurant boasts cute outside seating for all patrons to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Downton Pleasanton.

The Food

Wild One Grill serves an amazing blend of Michoacan and California cuisine. The menu has a variety of homemade sauces and fresh ingredients. They had many items to choose from, but the one that caught my eye was the grilled steak fajitas. In addition to grilled vegetables, the plate included refried beans, rice, a scoop of guacamole and two tortillas. One critique is I wished they had mashed the refried beans a more. But that is so minor and really a personal preference. The rice was well cooked and different from other Spanish rice I’ve tried before. In all honesty, all of the food was delicious, very tasty and with so much flavor. It came with great portions and was very easy to eat. The price for all menu items is reasonable.


I absolutely thought the food was excellent, the location is excellent and parking was easy. The restaurant was clean and organized. The cashier was friendly and helpful and it was a fantastic first time for me. I really recommend everyone to give the Wild One Grill a try, with so many options, you’re sure to find anything you want.