Movie Review: ‘The Prom’


Zachary Nicholas

‘The Prom’ was released on December 2, 2020.

Zachary Nicholas, Editor-in-Chief

‘The Prom’ is a disappointing movie musical whose star-studded cast fails to save a mediocre movie. There I said it. Believe me, I really wanted to like this movie. I tried so hard to like this movie. But ultimately, there were too many gleaming issues to not recognize the truth. The bitter truth is that ‘The Prom’ is not great. Let’s go deeper into this “not-greatness”. 

Missed Opportunities

This movie was filled to the brim with missed opportunities. Nicole Kidman is in the cast, and I barely remember her. Andrew Rannells, who is one of the most talented actors to ever grace a Broadway stage, is underutilized as well. But what is worse than these missed opportunities is the worst one of all: the queer love story. Yes, I thought the couple was very cute, but they had maybe 10 minutes together on the screen. 10 minutes for one of the focal points of the film. What!? Not to mention our queer main character is often on the sidelines to make room for Dee Dee and Barry. This is a movie that prides itself on its representation. However, it spends a majority of the runtime pushing the queer characters out of the spotlight. 

She is Doing the Most

Do not fret my friends, there is one light at the end of the tunnel. It is a light that has been nominated at the Academy Awards 21 times. Her name is Meryl Streep, and we are lucky to be living in her world. This film does not have many redeeming qualities, and yet she is most of them. Her wardrobe is elegant. Her charisma is perfect. She is without a doubt a right amongst a plethora of wrongs. Thank you Meryl Streep. 


How Do You Mess That Up? 

I do not know if this is just me, but the music did not grab me. I am a huge theater person and yet the songs did not feel memorable. Even in some poor Glee episodes, the songs were still fun. Another aspect of this film that needs to be addressed is James Corden. James Corden is a pretty good talk show host. Carpool Karaoke looks like a lot of fun. That being said, why in the name of Nathan Lane is a straight man playing the role of a gay Broadway actor. Can anyone answer me this question? Are there not gay Broadway actors out there? I am beyond confused at this casting decision and I cannot get past it. 


It is truly saddening to see a movie musical not succeed. I want movie musicals to do well because I love movie musicals. ‘The Prom’ misses the mark. It is nowhere near the level of a ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ or a ‘Hairspray’. At best, it is a Season 4 ‘Glee’ episode.