The odd Halloween schedule


Yuwei Dou, Page Editor

The Pleasanton Unified School District has a minimum day for students every year to celebrate Halloween. This year, it is on Thursday, November 1st rather then October 31st. The minimum day will follow the same block Thursday schedule except starting  at 8:01 consisting of second, fourth, and sixth period; however, there will be no access. Access will only be held on Wednesday block.

Many students welcome the minimum day.

“I think it’s a good way to have minimum day so we have time to have the festival and to celebrate, but this change the access period, which is also not good due to it’s the time we can communicate with our teachers,” said Yuki Yang (‘21).

One of the major reasons has to do with Halloween.  Many students enjoy a lighter schedule on the week of Halloween.

“I like the minimum day every year due to i have time to have a wonderful Halloween with my friends, we can go out for a lot of things, so I think this is good even though it make the access period only one period this week,” said Jimmy Xing (‘20).

Some are excited for a change in the normally monotonous and stressful schedule.

“I like the minimum day, because I have already planned a lot of things to do after that for Halloween, this is a great time to relax ourselves, due to we always have a stressful week usual. But I have to say this is a change, due to we also don’t have class on Friday which is the staff development day,”said Jodie Xu (‘20).

For Amador students, halloween minimum day has already become a tradition to have so that we can have time to relax.

Happy Halloween! Go Dons!