Art club plans to paint new mural on campus


Lauren Tran

The mural is going to painted on the wall that lines the fence of the pool near the Q building.

Lauren Tran, Staff Writer

This summer, the art club plans to paint a new mural next to the swimming pool after the old one was vandalized. The administration decided to reach out to the art club to repaint the mural to facilitate a positive message.

“Someone had pointed out to Mr. Fey that there was a need to repaint the vandalized mural. [Mr. Fey]  then contacted Mr. Doyle who reached out to me and the club. This mural would bring color to our school and uplift a public space,” said Art Club Officer April Gong (‘23).

The art club is working with the administration for help. They are searching for funding, volunteers, and materials to ensure the project runs smoothly.

“We are preparing by finding people interested in participating, parent supervisors, and making a schedule to coordinate with the school. The art club officers, Mr. Doyle, Mr. Fey, school custodians, volunteers, and parent supervisors are involved,” said Art Club Officer Melissa Chen (‘23).

The mural is inspired by Gong’s design of a wave with the Amador logo. Gong is keeping similar aspects of the original mural, while changing the background style and colors to blue, white, purple, and yellow. 

“We thought [the mural] would be a good fit for its placement next to the swimming pool, and it was a relatively feasible design. Since I wanted to emphasize the words more, I decided to do a relatively simpler background with the words centered,” said Gong

Murals usually have significance behind it, whether it be for beautification or to spread a certain message. Either way, the goal for this mural is to open students’ minds and connect the community.

“[The mural] is important to foster creativity within Amador. Through this mural, the art club hopes to make the school a more colorful and vibrant place,” said Chen.

Some students are pleased with the painting of this mural. They believe it will be important in the present but also the future as a nostalgic reminder of their growth.

“I think it is really great that the art club is painting a new mural. Not only will it make the school a lot brighter and happier, but I feel like it will sort of serve as a future indication of how far I’ve come when I come back and visit this school later,” said Siena Lucero (‘25).

As both graduating seniors, Chen and Gong hope that this project will commemorate their time at Amador and pave the way for the future officers. 

“We want to be able to inspire dons in some way and make Amador a more visually welcoming place. As a senior, the mural is sort of a parting gift to the school, and I want to leave something positive behind,” said Gong.