Wednesday: TV Show Review


Lauren Tran

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Lauren Tran, Staff Writer

On November 23, 2022, the new comedy horror TV series, Wednesday, was released and caught the eyes of many Netflix users. The characters are based on The Addams Family and its various adaptations, but the story is original. It follows Wednesday, the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams, as she navigates her way through her new life at Nevermore Academy.

Nevermore Academy is a school that teaches and houses outcasts, or people with unique powers. At Nevermore, Wednesday initially aims to control her psychic ability. However, new discovery of the mysterious murders from Jericho, the local town, entice her and sets her on a puzzling path that churns her brilliant mind. Along with tackling her challenges, Wednesday also experiences new circumstances while forming relationships with her fellow students and town members. 


At Nevermore Academy, there are four main cliques made up of werewolves (Furs), stoners, vampires (Fangs), and sirens (Scales). Despite being an abnormal high school, Wednesday is still considered an outcast because rumors have spread about her murderous motives.

Wednesday Addams has a notorious reputation for having morbid interests and being fascinated with death. This aspect makes her stand out and appeal to the viewers, as she is very different from other protagonists. Wednesday’s motives are quickly reinforced in the first episode where she takes drastic measures to get revenge on her brother Pugsley’s bullies. The intense action so early in the series draws the audience in and sets the stage for an unpredictable and mysterious ride. 

Many new characters are introduced throughout the series. Her perky werewolf roommate, Enid Sinclair, is determined to become friends with Wednesday and break down her reclusive nature. The two demonstrate a perfect example of the typical opposites-attract bond. 

Wednesday’s chief rival, Bianca Barclay, is the “queen-bee” of the school. They get off on a rocky foot, but after various endeavors, their relationship develops into a tight bond out of respect for one another. Joy Sunday, the actress for Bianca, does an outstanding job at portraying real-life teen struggles and connecting with the audience. She shows jealousy and a competitive spirit toward Wednesday, feelings that many people may relate to. Sunday is well-known for her acting and directing skills, and this series boosts her strong reputation in the business.

Tyler Galpin is a “townie” who works at the Weathervane coffee shop, but seems to have an appeal for Wednesday. They converse very early in the series, and their relationship shows a different aspect of Wednesday’s personal life. Tyler is mainly fixated on his attraction toward Wednesday and feels a bit misplaced as a character overall. His role is minimal in the beginning, but as the episodes progress, he becomes a more prominent figure regarding his connection to Wednesday and the plot. 

Comparison to other Adjacent Films

This Addams Family spinoff certainly had a lot on their plates in order to satisfy the audience and bring justice to the previous films. After all, the Addams Family has been around for over 58 years. This series definitely exceeded the expectations by providing unexpected twists, and a new perspective on Wednesday herself. This older version of Wednesday gives more clarity to her character by focusing on her struggles of adolescence and relationships. The actress for Wednesday Addams, Jenna Ortega, worked hard to bring the character to life, as she had to undergo multiple trainings and lessons to truly connect with the character. She had to learn archery, how to play the cello, and how to speak German. Ortega was also tasked to make up her own choreography for one of the series’ most remarkable moments. Her iconic dance went viral on social media and has become a popular TikTok trend. 

Subtle Easter eggs were embedded throughout the episodes referencing the original The Addams Family, displaying the meticulous planning in the creation of the series. Christina Ricci, the actress who played Wednesday in 1991 and 1993, plays Marilyn Thornhill, a professor in taking care of carnivorous plants. This goes to show the abundant history of Nevermore and further emphasizes the importance of connecting the generations.


This show is exceptional for mystery and horror enthusiasts, but it also entices viewers who love different genres as well. Though this series is held to high standards, it certainly delivers with a perfect balance of comedy and suspense. The complex plot and surprising twists keeps the audience on their toes. The producers are currently trying to plan if and when they are going to release season two, a bright spark for 2023.