Students begin homecoming dress shopping


Aileen Hu

Although there’s no specific homecoming section, Windsor has a variety of styles and sizes of potential homecoming dresses.

With the homecoming dance approaching Amador, students steadily begin preparing their outfits and making plans with their friends. From buying tickets to going shopping, the annual event is something that many look forward to participating in.

“I started planning for homecoming just a couple weeks ago in the beginning of September. I didn’t go last year, but because it’s my senior year, I just thought I should go this time,” said Janani Prasad (‘23).

Homecoming preparations can look different from person to person. Some do their shopping online, while others go to malls, scanning their options store by store.

“This year, I’m trying something new. I’m going to go to an actual store. I used to shop online for outfits, on amazon, but this time I’m thinking of going to Macy’s to find something,” said Prasad (‘23).

Stoneridge Mall has a plethora of homecoming selections. Stores such as Macy’s and Windsor are only a couple of the many places students visit while searching for an outfit.

“We don’t have a specific section for homecoming dresses, but we always get shipments— and towards this month, like September and October, we get more toward homecoming. ” said Windsor store manager Madison Baker.

Although some students prefer putting off their preparations until later, many find  it more convenient to get the shopping done earlier since certain styles may sell out quickly.

“I chose to shop (at Men’s Wearhouse) because it was kind of my last resort. All the other stores had run out of my size since I began shopping so late. I would just (recommend that you) avoid shopping really late because then there are less options,” said Aidan Chui (‘24).

Another choice is for shoppers to keep their options open in case something new catches their eye. This applies to more than just the many selections of homecoming outfits, as there is also the price tag to consider.

“If it’s on sale, then go for it. But I also think you can look for other stores like Depop and that kind of stuff, because I think they also have good dresses that you can get for cheap. You can also look in Windsor and stores like that,” said Sriveda Yadavilli (‘24).