Spanish students practice their real world language application at Taqueria Don Chepe


Jalen Alami

Located right across the train tracks, Taqueria Don Chepe is only a short walk away from campus.

Jalen Alami, Staff Writer

This past week, Spanish teacher Jay Schoby gifted his students with a quick field trip to Taqueria Don Chepe, a local Mexican cantina located just on the edge of downtown Pleasanton. 

“We are having this field trip to help my students build confidence to order food in Spanish,” said Schoby.

All participating students were super excited to eat at the restaurant with their friends, especially during school. Students were required to order their meal in Spanish, and thus complete the 10-point assignment that went with the trip. 

“I had a spectacular time eating at Don Chepe. I ordered a taco and a horchata, [a smooth Mexican beverage] and earned a 10/10 on my assignment,” said Aman Chamedia (‘24).

The field trip was a terrific opportunity to provide students with an enjoyable time and the chance to improve their spanish speaking. The majority of students in Spanish haven’t been on a field trip in more than a year. Going on a school outing gave them a sense of nostalgia from when they were in elementary school. 

“I haven’t been on a field trip since elementary school. Although this event only lasted one period I’m extremely thankful that Mr. Schoby provided me and my classmates with a field trip,” said Collin Maestaes (‘24). 

With finals around the corner this is the perfect time for a field trip. The school outing has helped students lessen stress and keep  their mind off of finals. 

“I am extremely thankful for this terrific field trip,I have four important final exams coming up, and this field trip has helped me unwind,” said Chamedia (‘24).