How water contributes to a healthy lifestyle


Ritika Ghosh

The Amador campus has several water fountains specially designed for easily refilling water bottles as well as grabbing a quick drink of water.

Humans can’t exist without water. Water is most important not only for survival, but it also assists us in our daily activities. Staying hydrated is important for students, as it offers several advantages.

“If your body doesn’t have an adequate amount of water, you’d be passing out on the field or feeling light-headed, dizzy, and not like your typical self. Water helps maintain the nutrients within our bodies to help us keep going as we’re continuing throughout a period of time” said Physical Education and Sports Med teacher Diane Hasenpflug.

According to the CDC, water lubricates and cushions your joints, as well as protects your spinal cord and other delicate tissues. Water consumption is critical for maintaining body temperature and general balance in the body. Because many students participate in sports, it is extremely vital to keep hydrated throughout the day.

“In my opinion, athletes don’t get enough water. They’ll say that they always hydrate, yet we have so many kids cramping on the sidelines at our events and games. I think what needs to happen is athletes need to hydrate more in different fashions, especially in cases when kids don’t leave the field. I always tell our athletes that after you play a two-hour event, it takes your body at least twenty-four hours to fully replenish those fluids you lost while you were running and sweating it off,” said Hasenpflug.

Student athletes such as Sara Vannoni (‘23), who runs track, cross country, and plays basketball for Amador, are no strangers to the importance of hydration, which plays a huge role in daily practices and workouts.

“Our coach always makes it clear to us that we have to stay hydrated throughout the day because if you don’t, you can get really fatigued, and mentally you can feel kind of drained. If you don’t have the proper levels of hydration, workouts can be really hard and tiring to get through,” said Vannoni.

As days get warmer and summer approaches, it is increasingly important to stay hydrated and drink water, especially during the spring sports season when many become more physically active. Luckily, students have many methods of hydration available to them at Amador. 

“Typically I’ll bring a water bottle with me to school and drink it when I get thirsty, but sometimes I’ll go and have the water that the school provides whether it’s at the water fountain or at the end of the lunch line,” said Vannoni

The daily struggles of being a high school student can be distracting, but remembering to take breaks and drink water throughout the day can help. Since not all students can bring their own water and hydration to school every day, the Wellness Center located in Amador’s library is always open with options.

“Water is super important for wellness. Our wonderful PTSA donated a water station to the center, so we have that now. Students can come in and drink regular water if they need hydration, or make tea or hot cocoa with it for comfort or calming,” said Monica Wharton, a counselor at the Student Wellness Center.

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  • Sustainable and reusable water bottles such as HydroFlasks are convenient to store in backpacks and provide easy access to hydration.