Bang Energy loses 293 million dollar lawsuit: how will students be affected?


Dylan Talbot

Bang Energy was sued by rival Monster Energy for false advertising of its flagship energy drinks.

Bang Energy, one of the leading energy drink producers in the country, has filed for bankruptcy after being sued for damages over false advertising of their product. For Amador Valley students and staff, they now can consider options to find an alternative or stop consuming energy drinks as a whole.

Monster Energy Co, the second largest energy drink brand in the world, was awarded 293 million dollars in damages from Bang Energy. 272 million of the total was for false advertising alone.

Bang Energy advertised their drink as containing Super Creatine, one of the main selling points of the drink. However, this substance is not actual creatine and isn’t FDA-approved, yet Bang has a history of boasting it as one of their drink’s supposed benefits.

Super Creatine has no supporting research, but according to Bang it is 20 times more effective than regular creatine at reaching the brain. On top of this, they have stated their drink can “reverse mental retardation” and help cure disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Research has shown that, regardless of the trustworthiness of these corporations, energy drinks on their own are extremely unhealthy.

Intermountain Healthcare says the high sugar content can cause increased insulin resistance, tooth decay, diabetes, weight gain, and more. The high caffeine content can increase blood pressure, contribute to mental health issues, cause kidney damage, and impact sleep.

The wanted effects of energy drinks are only temporary as well, and could lead to a crash that leaves one feeling worse than one did before. Intermountain Healthcare provides healthy alternatives that have increased longevity to energy drinks.

Getting more sleep, drinking water, and getting consistent exercise is the best solution to your low mood. Your body not only will have more energy to work with, but it will feel refreshed and have increased stamina.

Eating nutritious foods and consuming less artificial sweeteners will keep your body healthy and more stable. Getting a good mix of all the food groups and nutrients will eliminate the need for energy drinks altogether.