How can students deal with stress?


Andrew Naylor

With increased workloads and coming deadlines, students may feel lost due to stress.

High School students experience stress on a daily basis, and many don’t know how to deal with it. Stress can come from not getting enough sleep, having a pile-up of work, or procrastination. These are fast tracks to becoming stressed. 

Studies show that 31% percent of teens feel saddened because of stress. Even further, 23% say they have skipped meals due to stress. With college applications and the SAT coming up, Amador Valley High School’s students may be more stressed than ever.

Cornell Health studies show that just an hour break can help. It can increase productivity and how well you can focus. A lot of work at once can be overwhelming and tiring to get done. Breathing is another great way to calm yourself and relieve stress. 

“When I cope with the stress I try to take deep breaths and remain calm. Since I mostly stress with school, I usually have to take breaks between assignments or study sessions,” said Kaeden Kustermann (‘23).

Sleep has also been proven to relieve stress. It can lower your feelings of anxiety, and on top of this getting the right amount of sleep boosts your attitude. Watch for an upcoming article and segment on the full benefits of sleep for students on Amador Valley Today and AVTV. 

“It helps me perform in school because sleep can help decrease stress… getting more sleep will keep me in a better mood to get the work done,” said Kustermann

Spending time with friends and family can keep your mood high. Being able to forget about the stresses can give you a better attitude and raise your motivation to get things done. Social interaction can make you feel safe and secure allowing you to feel less stressed.

Staying active and exercising relieves stress as well. When you exercise your body produces more endorphins. These are transmitters in your brain that make you feel good. Exercising also lowers stress hormones like cortisol. These two together help reduce your stress. 

With how common stress is, there is no right way to deal with it. It’s best to experiment to find what works best for you.. Here you can research more ways to deal with stress.