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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


There are various ways in which buying honey locally is beneficial to the consumer.

Honey: nature’s sweet sting against spring allergies

Imogen Rogers, Infographics EIC April 24, 2022

In a world of shipping and transport, consuming local products is an often looked-over health practice. You might feel stung not knowing the benefits that honey and buying locally provides. Honey is...

Ritika Ghosh (‘23) and Julianna Diwa (‘24) both work on a project while using their computers and phones. They have no idea how much bacteria is lying on the surface of their electronics.

Opening the season with spring cleaning: top 5 dirtiest items you don’t think to clean

Parker Brown, Staff Writer April 15, 2022

A person will touch over 30 items every 60 seconds, but what many don’t realize is that an abundance of those items are filthy. Do you know what the 5 dirtiest items are that you touch every day? 1....

To provide a home for their three egg-laying hens, Imogen Rogers (22) father built a well supplied chicken coop for their backyard.

Cracking the shell on chicken coops

Matthew Carter, AVT Editor-in-Chief April 15, 2022

There are all sorts of home improvements to make your life better, and one that's often overlooked is owning a chicken coop. Many students and teachers at Amador are owners of these birds, and many have...

Eating fruits and playing sports are both great ways to maintain physical health.

Tips for staying healthy in college and beyond

Sarah Yang, Infographics Editor-in-Chief April 14, 2022

Senioritis season has arrived. As many seniors are committing to colleges for the coming fall, it is indeed exciting; however it is important to stay healthy as teens learn independence. Besides just...

Crystals range in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. They are not only sold at stores but also on various tables at street fairs.

The craze behind crystals

Giuliana Barthel, Staff Writer April 14, 2022

Recent trends in pop culture have revealed that crystals are used as more than just rocks from the ground. Pew Research Center found that 42% of all adults from the U.S. believe that “spiritual energy...

The Amador campus has several water fountains specially designed for easily refilling water bottles as well as grabbing a quick drink of water.

How water contributes to a healthy lifestyle

Ritika Ghosh and Julianna Diwa March 31, 2022

Humans can't exist without water. Water is most important not only for survival, but it also assists us in our daily activities. Staying hydrated is important for students, as it offers several advantages. “If...

Daily plans do not need to be extra detailed, but if they are too vague, they can be easily forgotten or ignored. Sometimes, simplicity and clarity are all that is needed.

Working alongside the clock: time management

Aileen Hu, Staff Writer February 20, 2022

Time management is something that many struggle with. It takes self control, focus, and the ability to prioritize well. Good organization results in well-structured routines and healthy habits, and there...

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